Science & Technology October 2014 Board Paper with Solution

Section A

1. A. (1) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the statements: 2

(i) Elements showing properties of both metals and nonmetals are known as _________

(ii) The device used for producing current is called ___________

Ans. (i) metalloids    (ii) an electric generator.

(2) Rewrite the following table so as to match second and third column with first column. 2.

Column I
Column II
Column III
(i) Myopia
Old age problem
Bifocal lens
(ii) Presbyopia
Concave lens.


Column I
Column II
Column III
(i) Myopia
Concave lens.
(ii) Presbyopia
Old age problem
Bifocal lens

(3) State whether the following statements is True or False: (1)

The SI unit of charge is the coulomb.

Ans. True.

(B) Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the following sentence. (5)

(1) Phenolphthalein is ___________ type of indicator. (Synthetic Indicator)

(a) Natural Indicator
(b) Universal Indicator
(c) Synthetic Indicator
(d) None of the above.

(2) Which of the following is not required to find the pH of a given solution? (Litmus paper)

(a) pH paper
(b) Litmus paper
(c)  Standard pH value chart.
(d) Universal indicator.

(3) When the resistance of a conductor increases, the current will ________  (decrease)

(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c)  remain the same
(d) None of the the above.

(4) If three resistors 2 ohms, 3 ohms and 4 ohms are connected in series, then the effective resistance in the circuit will be _______ ohms.  (9)

(a) 9
(b) 6
(c) 1
(d) 5

(5) A ray of light strikes the glass slab at an angle of 500. Then the angle of incidence will be ______________  (400)

(a) 500
(b) 900
(c) 600
(d) 400

2. Answer the following questions: (Any five)

1. State Mendeleev’s periodic law.

2. Name two elements having a single electron in their outermost shell.

3. Grills of doors and windows are always painted before they are used? Give reason.

4. State the laws of refraction.

5. Draw a well labelled diagram to show refraction of light through a glass slab.

6. Name two human diseases caused due to water pollution.

3. Answer the following: (any five) 15

1. What is corrosion? Do gold ornaments corrode? Justify.

2. If pH value of solution ‘A’ is 8, pH value of solution ‘B’ is 7 and pH value of solution ‘C’ is 5.5 then:
(i) Which solution is acidic?
(ii) Which solution is basic?
(iii) Which solution is neutral?

3. Write three safety measures in using electricity.

4. What do you mean by dispersion? Name the different colours of light in the proper sequence in the spectrum of light.

5. State the principles of the electric motor and electric generator.

6. State the role of citizens in pollution control. Give three efforts taken in order to reduce pollution.

4. Answer any one of the following questions:

A. (1) What should I choose ___________________

a. for decreasing resistance in a circuit.
(Resistors in series / Resistors in parallel)

b. for getting protection from electric current.
(Nickel / Ebonite)

c. to measure the current in the circuit?
(Ammeter/ Voltmeter)

(2) My mother was operating washing machine on Sunday morning. Suddenly, she saw a spark coming out of the electric board and the electric current in the house failed. An electrician was called to look into the matter. What should he have noticed.

(B) (1) In which equipment/s do you find ___________________

(a) a concave mirror.
(b) a convex lens
(c) reflecting mirrors?

(2) My grandfather uses a bifocal lens in his spectacle. Explain why.

Section B.

5. A. (1) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the statements: 3

i. The general formula of Alkane is _________________ (CnH2n+2)
ii. ________ is the largest gland in the body.  (Liver)
iii. The loss of water from the plants is known as ______ (Transpiration)

2. State whether the following statements are True or False:

i. The daughter cells produced by asexual reproduction are genetically identical to the parent cell. (True)

ii. In sexual mode of reproduction, greater diversities are generated. (True)

B. Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the following:

1. Ethanoic acid ________________________ (has a vinegar like odour)

a. is odourless
b. has a pungent smell
c. has smell of rotten egg.
d. has a vinegar like odour

2. Which of the following is a mode of asexual reproduction? (All of the above)

a. Fission
b. Budding
c. spore formation
d. All of the above.

3. In hydra the type of reproduction is ___________.  (Budding)

a. Binary fission
b. Budding
c. Multiple fission
d. None of the above.

4. Which of the following is not essential for photosynthesis? (Oxygen)

a. Oxygen
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Sunlight
d. Chlorophyll

5. Ankita bought some Glucose Powder. She felt is was adulterated with starch powder. How would she test it?  ( by iodine test)

a. by sieving
b. by dissolving it in water
c. by iodine test
d. all of the above.

6. Answer the following sub questions: (any five) 10

1. Sodium is stored under kerosene. Give reason.

2. What are hydrocarbons? Give one example.

3. Distinguish between: Autotrophic nutrition and Heterotrophic nutrition.

4. Draw a well labelled diagram of the ‘Liver’.

5. What is pollination? Mention its types.

6. Define Heredity. Give two examples.

7. Answer any five of the following subquestions:  15

1. Write three methods of preventing rusting of iron.

2. Draw a well labelled diagram of extraction of Aluminium. Write the anode reaction in electrolytic reduction of Alumina.

3. What are functional groups? Name any two compounds containing functional groups.

4. Classify the following as voluntary and involuntary movements:

i. Coughing
ii. Food getting digested.
iii. Moving a table
iv. Beating of heart.
v. Function of the kidneys.
vi. Flying a kite.

5. Explain the two examples, movements in plants which are growth independent.

6. What is meant by vegetative propagation? Name the vegetative parts through which Potato and Bryophyllum reproduce.

8. Write the answer of any one questions given below:

1. (a) How many pairs of autosomes and paris of sex chromosomes are present in a human being?  (2)

(b) Which chromosomes are present in Female? (1)

(c) Which chromosomes are present in Male? (1)

(d) How does sex determination take place in human beings? (1)

2. State the powders of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to control the Air Pollution. (5)