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Nagazira Wild-Life Sanctuary

The Nagazira Sanctuary lies in Tirora Range of Bhandara Forst Division, extending over 136.14 sq. km. The forest of Nagazira has the advantage of two perennial tanks, both being ideal habitat for wild life. The tanks not only guarantee a source of water, but they also heighten the beauty of the landscape.

How to go:


Nearest airport is Nagpur, 160 km.


Nearest railhead is Gondia, 25 km, on South-Eastern Railway. Bombay-Gondia: 967 km

Nagpur-Gondia: 130 km


Bombay-Nagzira: 1035 km Bombay-Nashik-Jalgaon-Amravati-Nagpur-Bhandara-Nagazira Nagpur-Nagazira: 170 km

Nagpur-Bhandara-Nagazira. Gondia-Nagazira: 25 km Chorkhamara-Nagazira:12 km

S.T. Buses ply from Nagpur, Gondia, and Bhandara to Nagazira.

Where to Stay:

Rest House Nagazira: Class I, 2 suites

Rest House Nagazira: Class II, 2 suites

What to See:
The animals commonly seen in the sanctuary are the tiger, panther, bison, sloth bear, sambar, antelope, blue-bull, chital, barking deer and mouse deer.

The birds are plenty and colourful.

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