Illness Leave Letter

No. 31, S.S.K. Chawl,
Matunga Cross Road,
Matunga (E),
Mumbai - 400019.
Date: 21st February, 2015
The Manager,
Omtex International Company,
Near M.G. Road,
Subject:- Illness Leave letter.
Dear Sir,
I was feeling very tired and exhausted for the last two days and I consulted with a doctor today. He said that I am infected with jaundice and I need to take rest for two weeks. I write this letter to officially inform you about my sickness and to request for two weeks leave. I also have enclosed the medical report given by the doctor.
I transferred my present work to one of my colleague Miss. Shalini, in my team and she accepted it and assured that she will complete it without any delays and problems. As everything is clear, I kindly request you to grant me leave for two weeks starting from 22nd February, 2015.

 Thanking You
Yours truly,

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