Floods are a natural phenomenon. They cause tremendous havoc to human life and property but are sometimes also a blessing in disguise because they bring alluvial soil which is essential for crops. This is a great benefit compared to the havoc it creates.

Floods are natural calamities and occur regularly in certain low lying area. The unexpected flood causes great misery. The rush of water demolishes houses and destroys homes. It inundates large areas under cultivation, wrecks public services and makes the life of the survivors miserable. Sometimes man is prepared for it and has learned to take advantage of floods to enrich their soil, trap fish and more logs of wood.

Floods, however have always brought out the best in men. Men organize rescue and relief activities for strangers without expectation of personal gain. Voluntary organizations organize relief camps and provide medical facilities. Floods bring out the best in men to the surface. People throughout the world make collections and airlift relief materials to the victims.

The increasing incidence of floods can be reduced by construction of dams and catchments areas. These activities cannot be carried out by a single man, but can be achieved only by the Government as these require colossal resources, organization and manpower.

Every single man can contribute to prevent flood by planting trees and preventing denudation of vegetable plots. Forestation is one of the best alternatives to arrest floods.

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