Education is very necessary. Do you agree?

Whether or not education serves the right purpose in our society is a difficult question to decide. Very often people do not take up professions for which they are trained; at other times they do not get the opportunity to use their training. When most education at the school level is either free or subsidized, it becomes essential to examine the question in great detail.

Is education really necessary? Did we not live before this quantitative expansion took place, before education began to be imparted to members of all classes? In Britain till mid-nineteenth century education was class privilege. Britain could expand the area of its education on the basis of the industrial relation. Can the developing and the under-developed countries afford to take similar measures?

For generations our people have depended only on life to educate them and they have all learned through experience. Even at a higher stage of education mere theoretical knowledge is not enough; it has to be related to actual experience. Many young engineers and technicians find that what they have learned in their schools and colleges is not of much use to them and they have to learn everything anew once they take to practical work.

However solid these arguments may appear to be, I firmly believe that education alone can save us. It alone can help us build a better future. Ignorance never was bliss and to believe in it would be a folly. It is not gold that makes good people or good countries. It is knowledge. Knowledge is the only thing which can come to the help of mankind. Education is one we cannot neglect. If we want young minds to grow and be aware of the world around them, if we want our country to be in the forefront or at least on par with other countries, we must educate our people for all advanced knowledge and for peace and war education is necessary. We can never be free if we depend on other countries for the technical know-how. Even if practical knowledge is acquired in the fields and the factories, we have to have some one who knows about the soils and the fertilizers and can build our factories.

Today war is not a mere matter of bravery of courage. Wars are won or lost on the basis of literacy. Modern weapons are so sophisticated that an illiterate soldier cannot use them. Education is not a mere ability to sign one’s name. It is the basis of something much more important. Even basic hygiene and cleanliness are connected with the level of education. To some extent they are also connected with the economic situation. Education helps to solve both the problems at one go. With better education better jobs will be available.

There is no time to dilly-dally about matters related to education. If we want progress, we must ensure minimum education for all.

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