Boys should be taught cookery in school. Do you agree?

1. Briefly describe the stereotyped roles of boys and girls.

2. Describe the advantages of teaching boys how to cook.
It teaches boys to be independent.
Cooking is a creative and educational activity.
It prepares boys for married life.

3. Explain why it should not be made compulsory.
Boys might develop hatred for it if they are not interested in cooking.
Boys might not be serious about lessons.

4. Briefly conclude that knowing how to cook is a necessary basic skill.

Most Asian societies shun the idea of boys doing any household chores. This is because, for many generations, only girls helped their mothers in the kitchen. However, times and values have changed. Perhaps, boys could be taught cookery in schools as an elective. Unmarried men, single parent families and men living on their own are common in a modern society. Thus, teaching boys cookery in school would certainly ensure that they eat proper meals. This is especially important since employing maids and eating out are both becoming more expensive by the day.

More significantly, cooking is a creative, challenging and educational activity. Learning about food and nutrition is also an important step towards healthy living. For instance, not many boys know that a deficiency in calcium can cause bone and teeth problems. Once they are aware of things like this and they are able to cook, they will be able to ensure that the ingredients in the dishes they prepare contain the nutrients that they require.

Knowledge of cookery could also prepare boys for married life. Married man who are able and willing to cook, can help lessen the burden of their wives.

Despite their advantages however, I personally feel that cookery lessons should not be made compulsory for boys. This is because if boys do not have an interest in cookery, they might eventually hate cooking if they are forced into the kitchen. Moreover, young boys, by nature, tend to be playful. Thus, they may be unhygienic while handing food. This may lead to contamination of food resulting in food poisoning. Carelessness and playfulness may also result in accidents in the cookery room.

Thus, a good suggestion would be to teach older boys cookery on a voluntary basis. The main aim of education is to prepare the student for life, and teaching cookery is an invaluable step towards achieving that aim. It would be imparting a necessary basic skill to the student – the art of survival.

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