Speech regarding Eye Donation

Dear Friends, Today I am going to deliver a speech regarding eye donation.

Eye donation means donating the eye of a person after death for transplantation with the family consent. Anyone can be a donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group, religion Anyone with cataract or spectacles can donate eyes. Persons suffering from hypertension, diabetes can also donate eyes.
One can donate the Eyes of the departed relatives though they have never registered as Eye donors. To donate the eyes of the departed, contact the nearest Eye Bank at any time of the day or night. Eyes have to be removed within 6 – 8 hours after death.  Removal of Eyes will take only 15 to 20 minutes. It will be done right at the place where the body is, at any time of day or night, without disfiguring the face and without any expense to the donor family.  However, 10ml of the deceased’s blood will be collected for the required tests.

Inspite of enrollment in any Eye Bank, Eyes can be offered to the nearest Eye Bank as place of death cannot be predicted.  Donated Eyes will be collected only after death and a living person's eyes cannot be taken out for grafting purposes.  Neither any synthetic material nor animal eye is a substitute for human eyes  The information about the Donor and the Recipient is not disclosed to each other as this is maintained confidential by the Eye Bank.  When registering yourself as an Eye Donor it is advisable to discuss the matter with your family, friends, lawyer, Personal physician etc, because your noble offer may not be fulfilled when the family is ignorant of or forgets this matter Please motivate your friends and relatives to enroll as Eye donors. In the event of anyone's death please find out the possibility of Eye donation and contact the Eye Bank if consent is obtained
Only those of legal age (+18 yrs) can enroll as Eye Donors by submitting one completed Pledge form, although age is no bar to donate the eyes of the departed, Please intimate change of address if any to the Eye Bank.  Eye  banks  come  under Human  Organ  Transplantation  Act  (1994),  and  are  given registration after inspection by competent authorities.  Donated eyes cannot be bought or sold as it is a crime under the above mentioned Act.