Speech about Farewell Day

Respected Teachers and Dear Friends,

Today is our Farewell day; we are all leaving the school and may never meet again. So it really hurts my heart but at the same time we should understand that it is the time to face the reality of world.
I shall miss your company my dear friends. My journey in this wonderful world, where every day is a new day for me and learnt something new on every moment. From the beginning i.e. from Junior K.G. to till now at SSC I explore different aspect of life. My experience from this school is a mixture of everything, Joy, Laugh, Emotions, and most important the work load.

Our faculties are really supermen they worked so hard for us. It is my wish that we face the first greatest challenge in our lives, the challenge of the SSC board examination, with great success. I also wish that we bring great honour to our school, not only by doing excellently in the forthcoming SSC examination, but also by going out into the world and becoming model citizens.

I thank the school on behalf of all of us for giving us the great opportunity to learn and explore everything in our life.

Thank you.