Disadvantage of e – business.

Ans. Disadvantages of e- business are

1. No personal touch: Seller and consumer cannot have face to face contact while purchasing goods and services from e – business. The personal touch in doing business i.e. meeting face to face is not possible in e – business.

2. Lack of Inspection: Buyer cannot physically inspect the goods at the time of purchase. The consumer is unable to touch or feel the goods before buying.

3. Government Interference: To set us an e – business there are some minimum procedures to be followed. There may be a monitoring from the government and authorities that could lead to increase the interference in selling the goods.

4. Transaction Risk: In e – business system, transaction risks such as supply of inferior quality of goods, supplied products not matching with the sample expected, high prices, defects in products, cheating, etc. may happen and we cannot be denied.

5. Delay in deliver of goods: If we go to shop and purchase the goods then we will get the goods immediately. But in case of e – business there could be difficulty in delivering the goods. Lack of communication can cause wrong delivery of goods. 


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