Book-Keeping & Accountancy Paper Pattern for BOARD EXAM 2014-15

Time : 3 Hrs                                                                                            Marks : 80

Q. 1   Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                   (15)
         (A) Answer in one sentence only.                                                 (05)
         (B) Write the word/phrase which can substitute each of the
              following statement.                                                              (05)
         (C) Select the most appropriate alternative from those given
              below and rewrite the statement.                                                    (05)
         (D) State whether the following statements are “True” or “False”.          (05)
         (E) Preparation of format of Bill of Exchange.                                (05)
Q.2    Practical Problem on Single Entry System.                                     (08)
          Theory question on Financial Statements.
(A)        4 marks
(B)        4 marks
Q.3    Practical Problem on Admission/ Retirement / Death of Partner       .         (10)
          Practical Problem on Admission/ Retirement / Death of Partner       .        
Q.4    Practical Problem on Bills of Exchange.                                         (10)
Q.5    Practical Problem on Dissolution of Partnership firm.                       (10)
         Practical Problem on Accounting of Shares / Debentures.
Q.6    Practical Problem on Not for Profit Concern.                                    (12)

Q.7    Practical Problem on Partnership Final Accounts.                            (15)