North Indian Plains - Desert

Q1. A. Complete the following sentences using words from the brackets.

1. Rajasthan plain is known as ___________ desert.
(Sahara, Kalahari, Gobi, Great Indian)

2. ____________ river flows through the southeastern part of Bagar region.
(Satluj, Ghaghra, Luni, Saraswati)

3. ______________ grows very well in arid condition.
(Pipal, Babul, Eucalyptus, Banyan)

4. The wool of _____________ breed of sheep is considered of superior quality.
(Chokla, Pungal, Marwari, Malpuri)

5. About _____________ of the total population of Rajasthan state lives in the Rajasthan desert.
(22%, 38%, 43%, 64%)

B. Match the words from Column 'A' with Column 'B'.

Column 'A'
Column 'B'
1. Marusthali
a. Best fodder
2. Babul
b. Step Wells
3. Goat
c. Barkhan
4. Bavadis
d. Lohi
5. Peacock
e. Small tank

f. National bird

Q2. A. Give geographical reasons.

B. Write short notes.

Q4. Mark and name the following on the outline map of India with a suitable index.

1. Marusthali

2. Jaisalmer

3. Aravalli mountain

4. River Luni

5. Bagar

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