Explain the climate of Punjab – Haryana Plain.


i. The Punjab – Haryana Plain has a monsoon type climate, with dry cold winters and hot summers.

ii. the climate is characterized by extreme hot and extreme cold conditions.

iii. Annual temperature in the plain range from 20C to 400 C. May and June are characterized by hot and dry winds, locally known as 'loo'. These 'loo' are followed by dust winds and occasional showers.

iv. Rainfall decreased from about 950 mm near the Shiwalik range to 330 mm along the Rajasthan desert.

v. The annual rainfall varies from 950 mm. in Ambala to 460 mm in Hissar. Most of the rainfall occurs in the months of July to September. Some amount of rainfall is received in winter between December and March because of western depressions. It proves useful for Rabi crops.