What are challenging skill requirements.

Ans ->  Because of computerisation and globalisation,  the labour force need  to be higher skilled and information literate.  Thus education systems  needs to emphasise developing the following key skills.

1.  Basic skills :  Teaching advanced skills must be preceded by a strong foundation of basic reading writing and mathematics.

(a)  Reading - As computer technology and increased global competition accelerate the rate of economic change the need for reading has increased correspondingly.

(b)  Writing effective and repaid information exchange through documentation or emails requires the ability to write  clearly and persuasively.

(c) Mathematics computers have transformed concrete processes in to numerical abstractions.  The use of these abstract models now pervades many jobs and has turned many people into mathematics consumers.

2.  Advanced skills :  These involve tasks that cannot be accomplished by following  a set of rules and, therefore, cannot be computerised.

(a)  Expert thinking involves information processing to solve problems for which there are no rule-based solution and must be solved through  understanding of the underlying relation ships.

(b)  The skill of complex communication involves social interactions to acquire information, explaining and making effective arguments.

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