NOTE: - (i) All questions are compulsory.
          (ii) Students should write the answers of questions in sequence.
          (iii) Draw well – labelled diagram (screen shots) wherever necessary.

1. Fill in the blanks and rewrite the completed statements:  5

(1) WWW stands for _______________________ [World Wide Web]

(2) ________________ converts the voice signals from telephone into a digital signal that can travel over the internet.  (VoIP adapter)

(3) Electronic commerce is commonly known as ___________________ (e-commerce)

(4) _____________ is a virtual version of something in a real world.  [Modelling]

(5) Mangal font is used for typing in _________ language.  (Marathi)

2. State whether the following statements are true or false: 5

(1) Simulation is not used in research. (False)

(2) The computer networking and internet are the backbones of the banking system.  (False)

(3) A computer cannot harm users if they use it for long hours frequently. (False)

(4) Transliteration and Translation means the same. (False)

(5) Geogebra screen is divided into 3 parts. (True)

3. Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correct options: 6

(1) The term ___________ generally refers to a society where knowledge is the primary production resource. (Knowledge Society)

(a) Information Technology

(b) Knowledge Society

(c) Information Gathering

(d) Information Literacy

(2) ___________ editor can be used to create and post blogs. (HTML)

(a) Notepad

(b) Paint

(c) HTML

(d) Wordpad

(3) A computer modelling is the representation of _____________ dimensional objects on computer. (Three)

(a) Four

(b) Two

(c) Many

(d) Three

(4) _______________ provides the different ways for manipulating diagram and data. (ICT)

(a) ICT

(b) IPT

(c) ITI

(d) ITC

(5) 'RTGS' stands for ________________ Gross Settlement. (Real Time)

(a) Real Time

(b) Read Time

(c) Time Ready

(d) Real Term

(6) ____________ is used to input data required for calculations and geometric constructions.  (Input bar)

(a) Scroll bar

(b) Input bar

(c) Output bar

(d) Menu bar

4. Rewrite the following statements by selecting two correct options (any two) : 4

(1) ________________ and ______________ are map layers. (Traffic, Photos)

(a) Navigation

(b) Traffic

(c) Position

(d) Photos

(2) A computer model refers to the _____________ and _________________ used to capture the behaviour of the system being modulated.  (Algorithm, equations)

(a) Algorithm

(b) Equations

(c) Program

(d) Summation

(3) _______________ and _______________ are popular discussion groups. (Facebook, Orkut)

(a) Netscape

(b) Facebook

(c) Orkut

(d) Mozilla

4. Different complicated ______________ and ________________ constructions can be understood very clearly with the help of Geogebra. (Theorems, Geometrical)

(a) Questions

(b) GK

(c) Theorems

(d) Geometrical