Find out difference between laptop and tablet PC.

Laptop computer

Tablet computer  

1. A laptop computer is usually placed on the lap.

1 A tablet computer is small enough to be held in hand while working.

2. It has an LCD monitor with or without touch screen capability.

2. It has a touch screen visual display.

3. Onscreen pointer is controlled by a touch pad and text is typed using a keyboard.

3. Text is typed using the onscreen keyboard. But there is a provision of connecting an external keyboard.

4. It has a hard disk for permanent storage and therefore, a large secondary memory.

4.  It uses a memory card or flash memory and therefore, it has a limited secondary memory.

5. It has a built in CD/DVD Drive.

5. It does not have any CD/ DVD drive.

6. It's operating system can be upgraded or changed at will.

6 It's operating system can be only upgraded but cannot be changed.

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