Explain the scope of ICT

Education is a life long activity ICT enables flexible learning environment.  The advantages of ICT in education are as follows.

1.  The world wide web (WWW) is a vast collection of knowledge, Even a villager can search WWW for the latest information, reference books, teaching techniques, information about curriculum and text books, etc are readily available on the Internet.

2.  Open universities, distance education resources through ICT are the new avenues for employed people to acquire knowledge. ICT enables learning anywhere anytime with an economic manner.

3.  Television is one of the best communication mediums to educate students, farmers etc. TV showing video clops of  difficult experiments or advanced surgical methods, innovative agricultural procedures etc.

4.  Educational Cd's, DVDs help students from kindergarten (KG) to postgraduate (PG)

5.  LCD projectors can be used for computer aided teaching and interactive learning in the classroom.

6.  Online examinations and tests will solve problems,such as availability of personnel, human mistakes etc.

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