(8) Explain Graphic view and Algebra view in Geogebra.

Graphics View: Using the construction tools available in the Toolbar you can do geometric constructions in the Graphics View with the mouse. Select any construction tool from the Toolbar and read the Toolbar Help (next to the Toolbar) in order to find out how to use the selected tool. Any object you create in the Graphics View also has an algebraic representation in the Algebra View.
Every icon in the Toolbar represents a toolbox that contains a selection of similar construction tools. In order to open a toolbox, you need to click on the small arrow in the lower right corner of the Toolbar icon.

Algebra view: In the Algebra View, mathematical objects are organized as free and dependent objects. If you create a new object without using any other existing objects, it is classified as a free object. If your newly created object was created by using other existing objects, it is classified as a dependent object.

Using the Input Bar you can directly enter algebraic expressions in GeoGebra. After hitting the Enter key your algebraic input appears in the Algebra View while its graphical representation is automatically displayed in the Graphics View.

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