(3) Explain any two advantages of E – Governance.

Ans. The two advantages of e – governance are (Write any two points from below)

(i) It greatly simplifies the process of information accumulation for citizens and businesses.

(ii) It empowers people to gather information regarding any department of government and get involved in the process of decision making.

(iii) E-Governance strengthens the very fabric of democracy by ensuring greater citizen participation at all levels of governance

(iv) E-Governance leads to automation of services, ensuring that information regarding every work of public welfare is easily available to all citizens, eliminating corruption.

(v) This revolutionizes the way governments function, ensuring much more transparency in the functioning, thereby eliminating corruption.

(vi) Since the information regarding every activity of government is easily available, it would make every government department responsible as they know that every action of theirs is closely monitored.

(vii) Proper implementation of e-Governance practices make it possible for people to get their work done online thereby sparing themselves of unnecessary hassles of traveling to the respective offices.

(viii) Successful implementation of e-Governance practices offer better delivery of services to citizens, improved interactions with business and industry, citizen empowerment through access to information, better management, greater convenience, revenue growth, cost reductions etc.

(ix) Furthermore, introduction of e-Governance brings governments closer to citizens. So much so that today it becomes extremely convenient to get in touch with a government agency. Indeed, citizen service centers are located closer to the citizens now. Such centers may consist of an unattended kiosk in the government agency, a service kiosk located close to the client, or the use of a personal computer in the home or office.

(x) E-Governance practices help business access information that might be important for them at a click.

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