Numerical Problems Science & Technology

1. An electric charge of 15C passes through the cross section of a wire in one minute. Find the current through the wire. [Ans]

2. If 15J of work is done when a charge of 3C is moved from one point to another, find the electric potential difference between the two points. [Ans]

3. A wire carries a current of 0.2 A for 10 seconds. If the potential difference between the two ends of the wire is 20 V, find the work done in this process.  [Ans]

4. Calculate the potential difference across a 10 Ω resistor carrying a current of 0.2 A. [Ans]

5. The resistance of a wire of length 31.4 m and diameter 1 mm is 20 Ω . Find the resistivity of the material of the wire.  [Ans]