Write a letter to your father requesting him for an increase in your monthly allowance.

8C, Sonia Apartments,
                                                                                      Mango colony,
                                                                                      M.G. Road,
                                                                                      Mumbai - 400 017.
                                                                                      13th February, 2014

My dear Father,

I must ask you for an increase in my monthly allowance. You are aware there is a sudden increase in the prices of all commodities. The mess charges have gone up very high. The stationery has become costlier. The washer man and the milkman have revised their rates. Though I tried every economy yet I failed to manage the expenses within the monthly allowance sent by you.

In fact, I intend to be more serious about my studies in the coming months. I have to hire an electric fan also as it is getting extremely hot here. Apart from this the prices of all other articles are shooting up day by day. The cost of the books is quoted almost double in comparison to that of the last year.

I, therefore, request you to kindly increase my monthly allowance from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 3000/-. I may assure you that every paisa will be well spent and accounted for.
Yours affectionately,