In the following experiment write the sample space S, number of sample points n(S), events P, Q, R using set and n(P), n(Q) and n(R). There are 3 red, 3white and 3 green balls in a bag. One ball is drawn at random from a bag. P is the event that the ball is red. Q is the event that the ball is not green. R is the event that ball is red or white.

Sample Space = {}
n(S) = 9

Let A = Event of getting a red ball.

A = {}

∴ n(A) = 3

Let B = Event of getting a non – green ball.

∴ B = {}

∴ n(B) = 6

Let C =  Event of getting a ball which is red or white.

∴ C = {}

n(C) = 6

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