From a boy at a boarding school to his parents.

From a boy at a boarding school to his parents.

The General English High School,
Dharavi ,
Mumbai – 400017
13th February, 2014

My dear Father and Mother,

Our Final Examination is just over, and our school closes for summer on the 28th of this month. I have answered all my papers to my entire satisfaction.  

You know I have been regular in my studies; so I have every hope of securing promotion by getting more than the necessary minimum in each subject.

I propose to spend the first part of my vacation usefully in Maharashtra, before I return to village to spend the remaining part with you. Some dozen boys have arranged for a tour of ten days to Matheran Mahabaleshwar and some important tourist spots in Mumbai. The expenses will not exceed Rs. 3000/- . If you can spare this then give me a Green signal and send me the same before the end of this week, I shall join the party; otherwise I shall return home direct.

Hoping you are all well, and with my kisses to my baby-sister,           

                                                                                    Your loving son,