A letter to a friend about a cricket match.

A letter to a friend about a cricket match.

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                                                                                      13th February, 2014
MY dear Friend,

      It is some time I heard from you. The hot days have already begun here, though the nights are yet cool.

To such an enthusiastic cricketer as you, I cannot but describe the very exciting match we had last Saturday with The General English High School Eleven. And I am happy to state we won after a very acute struggle.

As usual, the play began at 11 a.m., and as we won the toss, we elected to field. As you know our team is usually said to be weak in fielding, though there are often brilliant batsmen amongst us including me (don't laugh). We have had special training, and we prided ourselves as being very good at fielding. We, there­fore, elected to field, and really gave a good account of ourselves at that. Our bowlers were so deadly that there were many maiden overs.

After an hour's play they had hardly made 125 runs for a loss of six wickets. They tried to pull up and sent in their best players. These played a steady game; and before three more were dismissed, they had gone up to 190 runs. Our bowlers were put on their mettle and they dismissed the remaining players conceding only three more runs. Thus, they made 193 runs overall.
It was now 1-30 p.m., and we went in to bat. We sent our best blockers first so as to terrify their bowlers; and by'3 o'clock only two were out though they had made only 120 runs. Then we sent in XYZ, one of our best batsmen, and then a blocker for a variety. They both played a steady game and before XYZ was out, they had made 25 runs between them. I was then sent in. I am rather a free-lance and as luck would have it, I made that day 15 runs before I was out for a catch and my partner 5.

We had now made 160 runs with only four out. We were delighted, but rest of us did not play so well. So our innings came to a close for a total of 194. Since it was a One-innings Match, we won by a complete margin of 1 runs. A brilliant victory, is it not?

Hoping that this finds you in excellent health,

   yours affectionately,

                                                            a b c