Your school conducted an adult literacy programme. Write a report on the same.

The General English High School

Adult Literacy Programme


Mumbai, 15th September, 2013. 

          About 50 students of Std X from “The General English High School, Dharavi, along with 5 of their teachers, went to the nearby locality, and contacted about 25 adult illiterate men and 6 women from the slums, and planned a programme to educate them.

          According to their syllabus, they planned to teach them the alphabet in English and Marathi, reading and writing, numbers 1 to 100, addition and subtraction, and environmental studies related to health and hygiene, The method adopted to teach the above mentioned syllabus was through skits, T.V. Shows, Personal teaching and storytelling.

          At first, they had only 40 adult men, but later on, impressed by the interesting manner of teaching the team attracted a total number of 250 people. The students find it extremely rewarding to see the number of adult literates on the rise.

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