Write short notes on National Stock Exchange?

 Meaning: -National Stock Exchange was established in the year 1992. At present, it is India's biggest stock exchange by volume. It also ranks 3rd in the world for transacted volume. It has developed into a sophisticated electronic market where the trades take place on computers through NSEI dealer.

The features of NSE are as follows: -

1.       NSE is a company limited by shares.

2.       NSE is an all India level stock exchange

3.       The investors can trade in securities from anywhere in the world through internet.

4.       The settlement takes place on T (trade) + 2 days i.e. trade plus two working days. Thus, the money received within 2 days from the date of sale.

5.       NSE has many indexes but the most famous index is NIFTY.

6.       NSE provides transparency as the investors can check the prices for each tick.