Write about the Opium Wars between England and China?

1)       The Chinese people would buy opium by exchanging silver, causing a stream of silver export to England.
2)       The Chinese government was against this business but the European merchants did not budge (move).
3)       The First Opium War between England and China began in the year 1839.
4)       China was defeated in the war compelling the Manchu empire signing a treaty of Nanking with England. According to the treaty, England was given four ports along with canton ports and the island of Hong Kong.
5)       The Second Opium War was fought between England and France with China in the year 1856.
6)       By the treaty of Peking, another group of six Chinese ports was opened for the foreign traders.
7)       The business of opium was given permission and the foreign envoys were allowed to stay in Peking.

8)       The Christian missionaries were also given security and freedom of spreading their religion.