True Or False



1.       To propose a law is the responsibility of legislature in India-------True.
Reason: -The legislature is the law making body in a democracy.

2.       There is Presidential democracy in India------------False.
Reason: - India has a parliamentary democracy with the parliament being the highest authority.

3.       Holding election is a necessary condition for existence of democracy----------True.
Reason: -Through election, the people elect their representatives to run the government.

4.       There are no restrictions on citizens holding arms in U.S------------True
Reason: -In U.S. there is personal liberty given for security.

5.       Tolerance is necessary component of democracy---------------True
Reason: -The success of democracy is proportionate to the extent of tolerance in the society.

6.       Higher the initiative, weaker the democracy will be--------------False
Reason: -Higher the initiative, stronger the democracy will be.

7.       Running a government has become quite easy in modern times--------------False
Reason: -Running a government has become quit complex in modern times.

8.       No society is uniform in all respects-----------True
Reason: -Some differences are determined by birth and some are based on the characteristics that we ourselves acquire.

9.       Caste system is like a hierarchy------------True
Reason: -There is a hierarchy in which some castes are supposed to be upper and some lower.

10.    In many countries even after the introduction of democracy women did not have the right to vote----------True.
Reason: -Social relations were always based on unequal relation between men and women. Women were given secondary treatment compared to men.

11.    India had adopted a policy of non-secularism----------False
Reason: - India had adopted a policy of secularism.

12.    National Congress Party is a regional Party-----------False
Reason: -National Congress Party is a recognized National Party.

13.    When two or more than two parties come together and form government it is called two party system---------False
Reason: -when two or more than two parties come together and form government is called as multiparty system.

14.    People who share common political opinion form political party---------True
Reason: -The members of the group share similar views on the particular topic and come close to each other.

15.    The importance of regional parties has decreased in Indian Politics--------------False
Reason: -The importance of regional parties has increased in Indian Politics.

16.    In a democracy, government is not accountable to any one--------------False

Reason: -The elected government has certain responsibility assigned by constitution.