Write one word or phrase or a term which can substitute each one of the following. (For S.P Student)

1.     A motion which is finally passed at the meeting – Ans: - resolution
2. The amount which is actually paid on shares by a members of the company- Ans: - Paid-up Capital
3. The Message not included in the body of the letter- Ans: - Post-Script
4.     A bearer Document of title to shares issued by a company under its Common Seal-Ans: - Share Warrant
5.     Transfer of shares by operation of law-Ans: - Transmission of Shares
6.     To sanction shares to the applicant-Ans: - Allotment of Shares
7.     Report sent to the members before annual general meeting-Ans: - Annual Report
8.     Money Paid Along With the Application of Share-.Ans: - Application Money
9.     Any message not included in the body of the letter      Ans: - Post-Script.
10. Invitation to the public, for investing in companies share capita-Ans: - Prospectus
11. A person is appointed to attend a meeting on behalf of a member-Ans: - Proxy
12. A Motion which bring to the notice of the chairman irregularities-Ans: - Point of Order.
12. A Letter which informs the applicant that shares are allotted to him-Ans: - Allotment letter.
13. The Board which has right to make call on shares-Ans: - Board of Directors.
14. A Deposit which is Kept for fixed period in Bank-Ans: - Fixed Deposit
15. A Meeting which is held once in a life time of the public limited Company-Ans:- Statutory Meeting
16. A Document of title to shares issued by a Company under its Common Seal-Ans: - Share Certificate.
17. Voluntary return of shares to the company by the share holders- Ans:- Surrender of shares
18. Dividend declared between two Annual General Meeting- Ans:- Interim Dividend
19. A report showing the progress in a financial year-Ans:- Progress Report
20. A list of business item to be transacted at a meeting-Ans:- Agenda
21. Capital which is included in Memorandum of Association-Ans:- Authorised Capital
22. Voluntary termination of Membership-Ans:- Surrender of Shares
23. Concluding part of a Business Letter-Ans:- Complimentary Close
24. A type of account for which higher rate of interest is paid to the bank depositors-Ans:- Fixed deposit A/C
25. A vote given by the chairman in case of tie-Ans:- Casting Vote
26. The Smallest part of the capital of a company-Ans:- Share
27. The Document creating a debt, issued under common seal of a company-Ans:- Debenture Certificate
28. First meeting of the members of public limited company-Ans:- Statutory Meeting
29. Compulsory Termination of Membership-Ans: - Forfeiture of Shares.
30. Acknowledgement of debt issued by a company under its common seal-Ans:-Debenture Certificate
31. Return on investment on Equity Shares-Ans:- Dividend
32. Concluding Part of business Letter-Ans:- Complimentary Close
33. Objection rose by a member regarding any irregularity at the meeting-Ans: - Point of Order.
34. Name and mark of the Company affixed on important documents-Ans:-Common Seal
35. Revision or Alteration of the main motion at the meeting-Ans:- Amendment
36. The amount of capital which is subscribed for by the public-Ans:- Subscribed Capital
37. Document attached to he main letter-Ans:- Enclosure
38. Representatives of Shareholder-Ans:- Proxies
39. A resolution which is required ¾ or 75% majority-Ans:- Special Resolution
40. Issue of shares at a price lower than the face value-Ans:- Shares issued at a discount
41. Issue of shares at a price higher than the face value-Ans:- Shares issued at a premium
42. Issue of shares at a price equal than the face value-Ans:- Shares issued at a Par
43. A vote given by the chairman in case of tie-Ans:-Casting Vote
44. Proposal before meeting for discussion and decision-Ans:- Motion
45. A decision to cancel the ownership of a shareholder-Ans:-Forfeiture of shares
46. An insurance policy that covers different goods kept at different places-Ans:- Floating Policy
47. A demand made by a company to its shareholders to pay whole or part of the unpaid balance on shares-Ans:- Call      on shares
48. Closing words before the signature in the letter-Ans:- Complimentary Close
49. The written record of decisions taken at a meeting- Ans:- Minutes
50. Method of voting according to the number of shares held by the members-Ans: - Voting by poll.
51. A document which acts as an acknowledgement of the loan taken by a company-Ans:-Loan Agreement

State with what organisation/function/item are the following items/documents primarily related (for S.p Students only)

1.     Certificate of commencement of business- Registrar of Companies (Public Limited Company)
2.     Memorandum signed by the two members- Private Limited company
3.     Letter of Regret- Public Company limited by shares (issued to applicant to whom shares are not allotted.
4.     Auditors Report- Auditor of Joint Stock Company
5.     Pass Book – Commercial Bank
6.     Cover Note – Insurance Company (Interim Policy)
7.     Order of winding up of a Company- Court
8.     Memorandum of Association – Joint Stock Company
9.     Underwriters – Public Company limited by shares
10. Surrender of shares – Company limited by shares
11. Date – Business letter/Report/Document
12. Mail Transfer – Commercial bank
13. Goods loss by fire – Fire Insurance
14. Alteration in memorandum of association – Joint Stock company
15. Vote by raising hands – Company meeting
16. Agenda – Company meeting
17. Share Certificate – A Company limited by shares
18. Bank Draft – Commercial bank
19. Post Script – Business letter
20. Insurable interest – Insurance
21. By poll – Company Meeting
22. Minutes  Company meeting
23. resolution – Company meeting
24. Appointment of auditor  Joint Stock Company
25. Debenture – Joint Stock Company
26. Bank overdraft – Bank
27. Fire policy – General insurance Company
28. Certificate of incorporation – Register of Companies
29. Cash Credit – Bank
30. Share Certificate –Joint Stock Company
31. Guidelines for the issue of shares – Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
32. Allotment letter – Joint Stock Company
33. Casting Vote –Chairman (Company meeting)
34. Table “A” – Public Company limited by Shares
35. Marine insurance policy – Marine Insurance Company
36. Share Stock – Public Limited Company
37. Draft/Cheque  Commercial bank
38. A report prepared by a expert group of persons – Committee report
39. To ascertain or will of the meeting – Voting Resolution Company Meeting
40. capitalisation of General Reserves – Bonus Shares (Joint Stock Company)
41. Appointment of Auditor – Joint Stock Company
42. Resolution – Company meeting
43. Invitation by a company to offer shares to the public – Prospectus (Public limited Company)