Social Responsibility towards Employees?

Introduction: -Employees are human resource that must be treated with dignity and respect. Mutual confidence and trust on employee will bring success to managerial goals. Government has passed various labour laws to safeguard the interest of employees. Business has the following responsibilities towards employees.

Definitions: - "The personal obligations of the people as they act in their own interest to assure that the rights and legitimate interests of others are not ignored." Defined by.......... (Koontz and O'Donnell)
Responsibilities towards Employees:                           

1.       Job Security: -Some companies employ workers on temporary basis for years together. Employees should get guarantee of employment. Security of job provides mental peace and employees can work with full dedication concentration. It will raise their moral and loyalty towards organization.

2.       Fair Remuneration and allowances: -A business organizations must pay adequate wages and other incentives like bonus, overtime allowance etc. Remuneration should be fixed according to nature and importance of work. Suitable wages plans providing increments and revision of wages is essential.

3.       Good working conditions: -The employees should be provided with good working conditions such as adequate lighting, ventilation, drinking water, etc. Necessary steps should be taken to avoid air, water and sound pollution. Provisions of proper working conditions increasing the efficiency of the employees.

4.       Protect Health and Provide Safety Measures: -Business should protect health and hygiene of employees. Canteen facilities, medical facilities as well as proper sanitation must be provided to workers. Proper maintenance of a machines and premises must be done to prevent accidents and control pollution.

5.       Promotion and Career Opportunities: -Business should offer adequate opportunities of promotion to their talented employees. They should give proper information about qualifications, skills and experience required to obtain promotion. It will increase awareness among employees, and they will be motivated to take efforts.

6.       Workers Participation in Management: -Workers should be encouraged to participate in management through various schemes such as common suggestion system to save cost, quality circles, profit sharing, co-partnership, etc. it will raise their moral and give them a sense of belonging to organization.

7.       Education and Training: -Organization should make every possible attempt to educate employees. Guidance and methods of trainings depends on nature of job. "Introduction Training", Refresher Training" is conducted to keep employees updated on latest development. Training makes employee confident and also it increases their efficiency.

8.       Proper Grievances Procedure: -There should be proper grievances procedure to handle employee complaint. All queries should be sorted quickly. The employees must feel satisfied. Investigations and necessary actions should be taken to settle their grievances.

9.       Recognition of Trade Unions: -To maintain industrial peace is the responsibility of commercial organizations. They must recognize the right of workers to join trade union. They should not suppress (avoid) formation of workers union. "Divine and Rule" policy should not be followed.

10.    Miscellaneous: -
·         Fair treatment to all employees.
·         To recognize, appreciate and encourage special skills of employees.

·         To introduce code of conduct. Etc.


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