Social Responsibility community, public in general?

Introduction: -Business is a part of society and should follow certain duties towards society. It is obligation by business as it uses society's resources for business purposes.

Definitions: - "The personal obligations of the people as they act in their own interest to assure that the rights and legitimate interests of others are not ignored." Defined by.......... (Koontz and O'Donnell)

Responsibilities towards community, Public in General:

1.       Providing Employment Opportunities: -Business should provide good job opportunities to young and well educated people in society. Maximum efforts should be taken to generate employment. It can be done by expansion and diversification programmes. So that eligible people from society will get job opportunities.

2.       To Prevent Pollution: -Working of business units results in air, water and noise pollution. The carbon particles, dust, harmful gases, chemical create air pollution. Harmful chemicals cause water contamination. Sound of machines from factories can disturb the peace of residents. All types of pollution should be controlled by adopting best possible measures.

3.       Better and Maximum Use of Resources: -All types of resources are ultimately owned by the society. Business should use scarce natural resources such as raw materials of iron, steel, fuels etc. in proper manner. It should be managed carefully.

4.       Helps to weaker Sections of Society: -Economically weak people need financial and medical help from business unit. Business organization should try to uplift such section of society. Certain jobs may be reserved for economically backward people. Business unit Give donations to institutions which are providing such facilities.

5.       Location of Industries: -Industries should be preferably located in industrial zones. It will minimize the adverse effects on residential areas. They should avoid congestion in cities by spreading industries in different places or locations.

6.       Providing Help at the time of Natural Calamities: -Business units should provide financial assistance to public at the time of natural calamities like floods, storms, earthquakes etc. Business unit should take initiative in providing medical help, food, water and construction of houses for these people.

7.       Raising Standard of Living of the society: -Business units can contribute to increase the standard of living of society. It includes construction and maintenance of roads, creating public gardens, public library, running charitable hospitals etc. such activities can change the outlook of society.

8.       Protect anti-Social activities: -Business organization should not involve any anti social activities like smuggling, association with underworld people, bribing government people, etc. they should not support and provide financial assistance to anti social elements.

9.       Miscellaneous: -
·         To help and develop small scale business.
·         To look after the welfare of local community.
·         To take steps for development of rural and backward regions.
To rehabilitate the population affected by the operation of business if any.