Time : 3 hours        Max Marks: 80       


1. (A) Answer the following. (5)
(i) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the completed statements:. (2 Marks)

1. The Chemical formula of POP is _____________ (2CaSO4H2O)
2. Magnetic lines of force are __________ where the magnetic field is strong. (crowded)

(ii) Complete the analogy. (2 Marks)

1. CuCl2 + 2KI → CuI2 +2KCl : Double displacement ∷ Zn + 2HCl → ZnCl2 + H2 : _____________ (Displacement Reaction)
2. Tungsten : Conductor ∷ Ebonite : _____________ (Insulator)

(iii)Name the following : (1)

The quantity expressed in coulomb.
(Electric  charge)

 (B) Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correct  options: (5 Marks)

1. The second period contains ___________ elements.
a. 8
b. 2
c. 18
d. 32

2. Eucalyptus oil is known as __________
a. natural  indicator
b. olfactory indicator
c. synthetic indicator
d. universal indicator.

3. If a P.D.  of 12 V is applied across a 3 Ω resistor, then the current passing through it is _______
a. 36 A
b. 4A
c. 0.25A
d. 15A

4. When an object is placed between the focus and centre of curvature of a concave mirror, then image formed is __________
a. real and magnified
b. virtual and magnified
c. real and of the same size as that of the object
d. virtual and of the same size as that  of the object

5. In dispersion of sunlight by a glass prism, ____________ ray is deviated the least.
a. red
b. yellow
c. green
d. violet

2. Attempt the following. (10 Marks)

 3. Attempt the following (Any 5) . (15 Marks)

2. Give scientific reasons: Planets do not twinkle

Q4. Attempt the following (any 1) ( 5 marks)

Section B

5. (A) Say true or false with reason (5 Marks)

1. Organisms that depend on other organisms for their food are called autotrophic organisms.

Ans. False: Organisms that depend on other organisms for their food are heterotrophic organisms.

2. Proteins are the body building nutrients.
Ans. True.

3. The resemblances and the differences are due to heredity.
Ans. True.

4. Multiple fission is carried out only during favourable period.
Ans. False: Multiple fission is carried out only during unfavourable period.

5. Covalent compounds are soluble in organic solvents.
Ans. True.

(B) Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correct  options: (5 Marks)

1. The division of cytoplasm through ________ plane is called simple binary fission.
a. transverse
b. longitudinal
c. any
d. diagonal

2. __________ is a metalloid.
a. Aluminium
b. Antimony
c. Zinc
d, Mercury

3. Organs which are fundamentally the same in structure, but modified for widely different functions are called known as _______ organs.
a. analogous
b. homologous
c. vestigial
d. functionless

4. __________ is the stalk of anther.
a. Stamen
b. Ovule
c. Filament
d. Style

5. Muscle cells contain special type of ______ which are capable of bringing about change in their shape.
a. starch
b. protein
c. fat
d. salt

6. Attempt the following. (10 Marks)

5. Define : Homoeostasis.

6. Short Notes on : Autotrophic nutrition.

7. Attempt the following. (10 Marks)

1. Draw neat and labelled diagram. Human excretory sytem [Diagram]

8. Attempt the following (any 1) (5 marks.)

2. Write any one uses of each of the following: 

Bleaching powder.

Plaster of Paris.


Blue vitriol