Role of Consumer Organization and functions of NGOs (Non government Organizations)?

Introduction: -Consumer organizations are voluntary groups of people who work for a cause of protecting consumers form hazardous products, false advertising, pollution, etc. they function through protests, campaigns, lobbying, etc. their main objective is to establish consumer rights.

There are many NGOs in India working for consumers. The following are a few examples.
·         Consumer Guidance Society of India.
·         Association of consumer's Action on safety and Health.
·         Consumer education and Research Centre.
·         Consumer's Association of India.
·         Mumbai Grahak Panchayat.
·         Voice Society.
·         Grahak Shakti
In general, the following Functions are performed by NGOs:
1.       They undertake various programmes for creating awareness about consumer rights and for educating the general public.
2.       They guide consumers in taking legal action in case of damage.
3.       An NGO can represent a consumer in front of the government.
4.       They publish periodicals and journals to keep consumers informed.
5.       They make suggestions and recommendations to government authorities while policy making.
6.       Some NGOs have file cases in the court of law in the interest of the general public.

7.       They arrange for comparative testing of consumer products through their own resources or through reliable laboratories and publish the test results for the information of the general public.

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