Max. Marks: 40

Note: (1) As per new syllabus paper pattern Maharashtra State Board. 


I. (A) Complete the following sentences by selecting the appropriate words given in the bracket:

1. The imperialism in the modern period is a result of _____ revolution. 

(French, industrial, Russian)

2. Vasco da Gama sought business concessions from king _______ of Calicut. 

(Jahangir, Zamorin, Shahalam)

3. The African continent was known as ________ until the 18th Century. 

(nation of slaves, unknown continent, undeveloped nation) 

I. (B) 

Column 'A'
Column 'B'
1. Kaiser William II
2. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
3. Woodrow Wilson
a. America
b. Germany
c. Russia
d. Austria
e. England

3.Explain the term Bloody Sunday

4. Why did Russia's economic condition decline?

5. What is the meaning of colonization?

IV. Give reasons for the following in 20 to 25 words. (Any 3) (6)

1. Nationalism started in the colonies.

2. The sun beam in space is severe.

3. The common people opposed Tsar'srule.

4. Explosive situation was created inEurope.

5.  China remained undivided.

V. Answer the following in 40 to 50 words. (Any 1)   (4)

1. Write about the 'Artificial Satellite'.

2. How was India brought under the reign of England?


VI. Complete the following by selecting the correct alternatives given in the bracket: (4)

1.       In democracy, all citizens have ____________right to vote. (equal, unequal, limited, indirect)

2.       Indian National Congress  was established in___________ (1885, 1985, 1857, 1991)

3.       India had adopted the policy of ___________from the beginning. (tolerance, cooperation, competition, secularism)

4.       In India, on an average _________percent people vote in Lok Sabha. (58, 38, 68, 48) 

VII. Answer the following in 15 to 20 words : (Any 3) 

1.       What is direct democracy?
Democracy based on direct participation of citizens is known as direct democracy.

2.       Why representative democracy is inevitable?
Representative democracy is inevitable because participation of all citizens in government affairs is not possible today.

3.       State any two party systems?
The two party systems are one party system and multiparty system.

4.       What is the federal system of government?
A method of distributing power among the regions within the country, when there is a linguistic and cultural diversity, it is called as federal (centralized) system of government.

5.       What is regional inequality?
In many countries, some regions are more developed that other regions and some are less developed. This is called as regional inequality.

VIII. Answer the following in 20 to 25 words: (Any 1)   (2)

1.       Write short note on fundamental right and protection of freedom.
1.       In a democracy, fundamental rights of the people are respected.
2.       People are granted several freedoms such as freedom of expression, thought, freedom to form assembly, etc.
3.       Freedom to approach the court for protection of these rights is one of the important rights.
4.       Though the majority rules in a democracy, democratic government has to respect the rights of minorities and guarantee their protection.

2.       Write short note on Communist Party of India?
1)       The communist party of India was established in 1925.
2)       The party wants to promote the interests of workers, farmers and the poor.
3)       The ideology of the party is Marxism and it believes in secularism and democracy.
4)       In 1964, the party was divided and a new party known as Communist Party of India (Marxist) was created.
5)       Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Manipur, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the states where the party has influence.

6)       In 2004, the party supported the Congress led UPA Government at the centre from outside. It withdrew the support in 2008.