Max. Marks: 40

Note: (1) As per new syllabus paper pattern Maharashtra State Board. 


I. (A) Complete the following sentences by selecting the appropriate words given in the bracket:

1. The Ottoman Turks won ________ in the year 1453. 

(Constantinople, Calicut, Kolkata)

2. Karl Marx was a _______ philosopher. 

(Russian, German, Polish)

3. Each member nation can send _________ representative to the Assembly of UNO. 

(three, five, fifteen)

I. (B) 

Column 'A'
Column 'B'
1. H.M. Stanley
2. Nelson Mandela
3. Leopold II
a. King of Belgium. 
b. American Journalist
c. Russia
d. south Africa
e. England

IV. Give reasons for the following in 20 to 25 words. (Any 3) (6)

1. Cold war was increased due to U2. 

2. Dr. Homi Bhabha is known as the Father of Indian Atomic Age. 

3.League of nations was unable to stop warring countries. 

4. On 6th April 1917, America declared a war against Germany

5. The Portuguese could not set up their empire in India. 

V. Answer the following in 40 to 50 words. (Any 1)   (4)

1. Write about 'Nanking Treaty' 

2. Write the effects of the First World War. 


VI. Complete the following by selecting the correct alternatives given in the bracket: (4)

1.       In Australia, amendment of constitution is brought by__________ (plebiscite, referendum, recall, initiative)
2.       Indian National Congress  was established in___________ (1885, 1985, 1857, 1991)
3.    The distinct nature of language, region, religion and culture is called __________. (unity, diversity, democracy, society)

4.    India had adopted the policy of ___________from the beginning. (tolerance, cooperation, competition, secularism)

VII. Answer the following in 15 to 20 words : (Any 3) 

     1.       What is recall?

In indirect democracy, the method of calling the public's elected representative back is called recall.

2.       What is apolitical party?

A group of people who share similar views or opinion on political matters is called a political party.

3.       What measures the government of Maharashtra has taken to ensure increase in the representation of women?

The following measures have been taken by the government of Maharashtra to ensure increase in the representation of women.
a)       Maharashtra government has increased the reservation for women representatives at the local government to the extent of 50 percent since 2011.
b)       Reservation for women for position of Sarpanchas, Zilla Parishad, Presidents of Municipal Councils and Mayors of Municipal Corporation s.

4.       Give one example of social pressure.

Intercast marriages are allowed by law, but acceptability of such marriage is very limited in the society. It is one of the examples of social pressure.

5.       What is possible only in democracy?

It is possible to reform and transform politics, politicians, and political parties in democracy only.

VIII. Answer the following in 20 to 25 words: (Any 1)   (2)

1.       What measures are adopted in a democracy in order to handle caste discrimination and irregularity arising out of it?

The measures adopted in a democracy in order to handle caste discrimination are:
1)       Anti caste views, are expressed and movements take place against caste system. This creates awareness about the ill effects of caste discrimination.
2)       After independence, legal provisions came into being. The constitution considered untouchability as illegal. It also provided that government should not discriminate among citizens on the basis of caste.
3)       Special provisions were made for backward caste.

2.        Write short note Maharashtra Navnirman Sena?

      1)       The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is the recognized Regional Party in Maharashtra.
2)       It was established in 2006in Mumbai under the leadership of Raj Thackeray.
3)       It was a breakaway group from Shiv Sena.
4)       The party is committed to raising the state of Maharashtra, its people and the Marathi language.
5)       Maharashtra Navnirman Sena wants to bring the people of Maharashtra together, irrespective of caste, religion, sector, class under its flag (irrespective) for the development of Maharashtra.