Format of Final Accounts

Pro forma of Trading Account
In the Books of _______________ and __________
Trading Account for the year ended 31st March, ______________
To Opening Stock

By Sales
(-) Sales Return
(-) Return Inwards

To Purchases
(-) Purchase Return.
(-) Return Outwards

By Goods destroyed by Fire

To Wages

By Goods Distributed as Free Samples

To Productive Wages

By Goods withdrawn by partners for personal use

To Manufacturing Wages

By Goods lost by theft

To Wages and Salaries

By Closing Stock

To Works Manager's Salary

By Gross Profit C/d

To Carriage

To Carriage Inwards

To Carriage on Purchases

To Factory Expenses

To Factory Insurance

To Factory Rent

To Factory Lighting

To Factory Salary

To Import Duty

To Octroi and Cartage

To Customs charges

To Freight

To dock dues charges

To Gas, Coal, Water, Fuel and Power

To Motive Power

To Royalty

To Royalty on Purchases

To Manufacturing Expenses

To Trade Expenses

To Heating and Lighting

To Gross Profit C/d

Pro forma of Profit and Loss Account
To Gross Loss b/d

By Gross Profit b/d

To Salaries

By Commission Received

To Salaries and Wages

By Commission Earned

To Unproductive Wages

By Discount Received

To Non – Productive Wages

By Discount Earned

To Office Expenses

By Interest Received

To Rent

By Interest Earned

To Office Rent

By Income from other sources

To Rent , Rates & Taxes

By Bad debts recovered

To Lighting

By Provisions for Discount on Creditors

To Office Lighting

By Dividends Received

To Electricity Charges

By Miscellaneous Incomes

To Insurance

By Sundry Incomes

To Postage and Telegrams

By Rent Received

To Loss on Sale of Assets

By Profit on Sale of Assets

To Loss on Sale of Investments

By Profit on Sale of Investments

To Interest on Partners' Capitals

By Interest on Partners' Drawings

To Telephone and Fax Charges

By O.R.D.D.

To Bad Debts

(-) Bad Debts

(+) F.B.D.

(-) F.B.D.

(+) N.R.D.D.

(-) N.R.D.D.

(-) O.R.D.D.

To Courier Charges

By Net Loss C/d

To Printing & Stationery

To Legal Expenses

To Trade Expenses

To Sales Tax

To Repairs and Renewals

To Audit Fees

To Depreciation

To Sundry Expenses

To General Expenses

To Miscellaneous Expenses

To Provident Fund Contribution

To Travelling Expenses

To Conveyance Expenses

To Commission & Allowances

To Brokerage

To Carriage Outwards

To Carriage on Sales

To Storage Charges

To Warehouse Charges

To Godown Charges

To Packing Expenses

To Packing Charges

To Advertisement Expenses

To Delivery Van Charges

to Export Duties

To Bank Charges

To Entertainment Charges

To Interest Paid

To Discount allowed on Debtors

To Discount on Bills

To Provisions for Discount on Debtors

To Net Loss by Fire

To Net  Loss by Theft

To Donations

To Charity

To Professional Charges

To General Reserve (Transfer)

To Interest on loans

To Net Profit C/d

Pro forma of Balance Sheet

Partners' Capital A/c


Partners' Current A/c

Patents & Patterns

General Reserve

Trade Marks

Reserve Fund


Provident Fund
(+) Interest on Provident fund Investments (if any)

Freehold Property

Loan from Partners

Leasehold Property

Loan from Bank


Bank Overdraft

Land & Building

Sundry Creditors

Plant & Machinery

Bills Payable

Delivery Van

Outstanding Expenses

Motor Vehicle

Income received in Advance



Office Equipments

Loose Tools


Provident Fund Investments

Interest Accrued on Investments

Loans (given)

Sundry Debtors

Stock of Stationery

Stock of Postal Stamps

Closing Stock

Bills Receivable

Insurance Claim Receivable

Cash in Hand

Cash at Bank

Prepaid expenses

Incomes Receivables

Partners' Current Account