Economics SSC Fill Up


1.       The main motive of producers is to maximize profits in _____________economy. (socialist, Capitalist, mixed)
2.       Optimum population indicates _________size of population. (an ideal, lower, excess)
3.       Production activities are mainly classified into ________sectors (one, two, three)
4.       Tertiary sector is also known as ________sector. (agricultural, industrial, service)
5.       In the Labour intensivetechnique there is more use of machinery than labour.
6.       An economic problem mainly arises due to scarcity of resources.
7.       In a capitalist economy, means of production are owned, controlled and operated by private individuals.
8.       Goods and services are produced and supplied by public sector on the basis of ‘No Profit, No Loss’
9.       Inflation is a global economic concept in recent times.
10.    Inflation is generally associated with rapidly rising prices.
11.    An increase in export reduces the stock of commodities available for home consumption.
12.    Inflation reduces savings and capital formation.
13.    Due to developmental policies, public expenditure increases.
14.    Public Distribution System helps to put check on the prices of the essential goods.
15.    A dualpricing structure was introduced under the Targeted Public Distribution System.
16.    A ration card is essential to avail food grains through Public Distribution system. (identity, ration, Aadhar)

17.    The families below poverty line have yellow colour ration card. (yellow, orange, white)