Write a letter to your friend describing your pet to him/her.

8A, Heaven colony,
M.G. Road,
Mumbai - 400017.
13th February, 2014.

Dear Friend,

It feels so good to have lots of free time in your hand and nothing to do. I had a very hectic schedule till Friday but now I am relaxed. I have something wonderful to share with you. Mother and father have allowed me to keep a pet dog.

Yes, a few days back, my dad’s friend approached us if we were interested to buy a cute puppy which his friend wanted to sell. Father gave permission and guess what! The cute, two year old puppy is mine. It is grey in colour with floppy ears. I have named him ‘Tiger’ as he justifies it. His arrival has cheered all our family members. The best part is that he understands like a small child when we are talking about him. He loves people admiring him but does not like to be held by strangers. He gave us a tough time during Diwali as the deafening crackers scared him a lot. He preferred to remain under our sofa. I could go on and on with a sense of pride the way a parent would express affection for his child. My world revolves around him. Give my regards to your parents.

Your loving friend,

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