Where there is will ,there is a way

When we read the biographies of great men and women, right from Albert Einstein to Edmund Hillary, we find that it is their strong will which made them overcome great difficulties or setbacks and find a way to march towards success. Similarly, a student may think to secure a first class in an examination is beyond his or her capacity. But if the student makes a firm resolve to achieve his or her goal and works towards it wholeheartedly, he or she is almost certain to achieve success.
There was a time when lying in the air, travelling in space and sending messages and pictures over the air were all regarded as flights of fancy. But today we see that these seemingly impossible things have become possible. The aero plane, the spaceship, the radio, the television, the mobile phone and the internet are now realities.
How have these impossibilities been achieved ? By man’s will-power, determination and dedication. The doer is never a pessimist or a defeatist.he is an optimist confident of ultimate success. Nothing can deter him from his purpose. He has the will to win and achieve, and so he finds out ways and marches to ultimate victory.
So let us cultivate a strong will, a keen desire and the determination to achieve our goals.If there is no way we will create one.Victory is then bound to be ours
That’s why its right said :-”where there is a will, there is a way”

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