Develop a dialogue between you and your teacher. Look at some of the points given in the balloons. Imagine about the responses given by the teacher.

  • ·        topic
  • ·        steps and stages
  • ·        marking scheme
  • ·        time limit
  • ·        page limit
  • ·        presentation


Myself: Good afternoon, teacher!

Teacher: Yes, very good morning, What do you want?

Myself: Yes, I want your guide lines to score better marks in Board exam. What are the steps and stages involved in it?

Teacher: To score good marks in exam you should study the lesson conceptually. Read the text books thoroughly, always use dictionary to find out the meaning of new and difficult words.

Myself: Then teacher.

Teacher: You should know the marking scheme of each and every subject. And you should thoroughly practice HOTS from the Algebra, Geometry and Science.

Myself: Then teacher.

Teacher: You should practice model paper and see whether you could complete it within the time limit. Write only the relevant and exact answers it will limit you page size and save time. Time management is the important things in examination.

Myself: About oral marks?

Teacher: Because of your attendance you will get good marks. Even then you should perform well within the 10 minutes provided to you during presentations.

Myself: Thanks for your valuable suggestions teacher.

Teacher: You are most welcome and all the best to you. 

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