Agriculture in the Rajasthan Desert.

1. Though agriculture is a main occupation in the Rajasthan Desert, it is not dependable. It is uncertain without irrigation. Wells are too deep (30-120m) and the water is often brackish and a little saline. So well irrigation is not practised.
2. There is limited well and canal irrigation along the western margin of the Aravalis where there is subsoil water due to more rainfall.
3. The agricultural production has been mostly dependent on rain which is very scanty. So it is mainly from the Kharif crops like bajra, jowar, maize, pulses, oilseeds and fodder crops. The yield per hectare is quite low.
4. Now, after the development of canals, tube wells, etc. in the past few decades, Rabi crops like wheat, mustard, cumin seed and cotton also are cultivated.
5. The Indira Gandhi Canal is the main irrigation project in the desert region. It irrigates northwestern Rajasthan. It has turned the desert green. 40 to 60% area along the canal in Jodhpur and Ganganagar districts is now under cultivation.

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