Accounting for shares

  1. Capital stated in the capital clause of Memorandum of Association.
  2. The portion of subscribed capital which has not yet been called up.
  3. The capital which is not disclosed in the balance sheet.
  4. Preference share on which arrears of dividend accumulate.
  5. A preference share having right of conversion into equity.
  6. Issue of share above face value.
  7. the account to which excess amount on share forfeited A/c is transferred.
  8. The maximum amount beyond which a company is not allowed to raise funds.
  9. Deduction made from share capital to find out paid up capital.
  10. Amount called on shares by the company but not received.
  11. The capital on which dividend is paid.
  12. Shares having voting rights.
  13. Shares having first right on surplus assets at the time of liquidation.
  14. Official signature of the company.
  15. An invitation to make an offer to subscribe the shares.
  16. Issue of shares at their face value.
  17. Issue of shares at the value lesser than their face value.
  18. Distribution of shares to the applicants in specific proportion to the number of shares applied for.
  19. Account to which the excess price received over the face value of shares is transferred.
  20. If no. of shares subscribed is less that shares offered by the company.
  21. If no. of shares subscribed is greater than shares offered by the company.


  1. Authorised capital
  2. Uncalled up Capital.
  3. Reserve Capital
  4. Cumulative Preference share
  5. Convertible Preference Share
  6. Issue of shares at Premium
  7. Capital Reserve Account
  8. Authorised / Nominal Capital
  9. Calls in -  arrears
  10. Calls - in - arrears
  11. Paid up Capital
  12. Equity Shares
  13. Preference Shares
  14. Common Seal
  15. Prospectus
  16. Issue of shares at par
  17. Issue of shares at discount
  18. Pro - rata allotment
  19. Securities Premium Account
  20. Under Subscription
  21. Over Subscription.

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