A little learning is a dangerous thing.

We have heard of quack doctors in the villages who try to cure serious diseases by their so called magical remedies. This is an example of a little learning being a dangerous thing, Finally when the patient dies they shift the blame on some supernatural powers and wash their hands of the tragedy.

Sometimes children try to imitate dangerous scenes from films little realising the danger they could lead to. Learning Yoga from someone who is not an expert at it could be dangerous. Certain asanas should not be tried unless the trainer is an expert. Listening to the advice of someone who is less educated than you can lead to wrong choices in life. Remember Lord Buddha’s teaching : Travel not with a foll. He further goes on to say that if the people you are travelling with are less clever than you or equal in cleverness to you, it is better to travel alone. In other words, it is better to have no friends than to have one who has little knowledge.

Some people try to repair domestic appliances on their own thinking that they can do the job themselves. Without sufficient knowledge they only spoil the appliance. They would do well to call the technician or the expert to do the job.


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