Should governments spend money on computer technology or more basic needs?

             Some people think that government should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology. Other people disagree and think this money should be spent on more basic needs. Personally, I agree that government should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology. Because the computer technology we develop or buy will use not only in computer industries but also in other fields, we all will benefit from it. Moreover, our society needs to get progress in which computer technology will play a leading role. Furthermore, our daily activities will be more convenient with computers.
 First of all, not only the computer industry will take advantage of the computer technology but it will benefit our whole society. For example, scientists can do more researches on their projects, obtaining more useful results and helping more people to achieve better lives. Moreover, doctors can use computer technology to examine their patients more thoroughly; therefore, save more lives.
Secondly, our world needs to get progress. By using computer technology, we can simulate a lot of different kind of situations that people can never imagine. For instance, exploring the outer space, our space shuttles need the most advanced computer technologies to support their journeys. Furthermore, without computer technologies, there is no Internet today, which is a big revolution for human beings.
Thirdly, our daily activities can be more convenient with computer technologies. For instance, managing personal expenses, we can use computer softwares to analyze all the details. Moreover, students can do their homework using computers, by which they can save more time,and therefore, learn more.
             In summary, computer technology will help people in every field, and we all will benefit from it. Moreover, our society needs to get progress in which computer technology will be an important matter. Furthermore, our daily activities will be more convenient with computers. With these reasons, I personally agree the statement that governments should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology.

Doing work by hand vs. by machine

            Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotion concern, I find some people like doing work by hand while others prefer using machines. From my point of view, I prefer to use machines rather than doing work by hand, because machines are more efficient, more precise, more clever.
Machines are efficient. They can repeat the same task repeatedly without tiring. Before the industrial revolution, farmer had to reap the corn by hand, this work is very hard and cost people much time, but by using reaper, farmer can reap the corn in a little time. Another example, do you like to wash clothes by hand or using washing machines? Of course, I choose using washing machines, for washing machines can wash clothes very clean and fast. Machines improve our work efficiency greatly.
At the same time, machines can be very precise. Before the computer invented, I had to do some calculation by hand and often made many mistakes, but now I can depend on the computer to do the same task, more precisely and faster. I cannot imagine doing the same task by hand now. Machines are also very clever. When I use Word processor to type a paper, the computer can always find some spelling mistakes automatically and provide some possible choices. It facilitates my work considerably. In addition, I think machines are gradually changing everyone`s working pattern. Of course, some work has to be finished by hand, but if there is any possibility, I will use machines to do my work without hesitation.
Should students evaluate their teachers?

            Some people tend to think that schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers while others fear that it will bring about some harmful effects to both teachers and students. In my point of view, I believe that the evaluation has more advantages than disadvantages. The argument for my claim goes as follows.

First of all, asking students to evaluate their teachers can conceal some inappropriate aspects in the course of the process of teaching and learning, in order to make the teaching more reasonable and effective. This process is interactive and it constitutes more than one part. Sometimes, teachers do not realize some occasional mistakes they made when they have classes and sometimes the way that they train the students is not quite suitable for the students. As a result, the quality of their education is hard to reach the satisfying level. Taking measures will make teachers realize all these facts, thus improving their education by means of making some adjustments.

Second, since education is a wo-part? process, the evaluation will probably play an important role in stimulating the creativity and activity of the students, when schools ask student to evaluate their teachers. They may feel that they are treated equally, not submissively. The sense of equality will make them participate the teaching more actively. However, there are also some disadvantages in it. For example, some teachers may consider himself authority, never to be suspected. This enactment will make them feel uncomfortable and have the prejudice to these students who evaluate them.

After all, though these disadvantages really exist, the advantages outweigh. So I strongly recommend that the measures should be taken as far as possible.

What characteristic makes people successful?

            If you are intelligent, you can solve a problem very quickly. If you are smart, you could easily find out the best way for your business. If you are clever, you can catch your boss eyes in what you do. So, to me, the most important characteristic that help a person to be successful in life must be intelligence.
In my company, I am considered an intelligent engineer. I always complete my work in the fastest way. Whenever I get new work to do, I always pay some time to think how I could solve it smartly. For example, in my case as a programmer, when I face to hard problem, the first thing I do is to search the solution in the Internet by using Google service, then I ask my friends for more new ideas, and at last I will choose the best way to do my task, and with my smart mind and my good basic knowledge, I usually finish my project successfully.
 In addition, if one is smart he will find the shortest way to come to success. I take my boss as an example; he is a very smart project manager. With his smart mind, he can always think out the thing that the market needs. Last year, he found that every banking system need to be secured, so he asked our members to start developing AntiSpy software. The important thing is that with his idea, we were the first one to develop this kind of software; hence we got successful result with this project and made our company stronger.

One more thing that you can get from your intelligence is that your position in your company. If you are clever enough, you will make your boss admire your working so you always have a good job in your company; this means that you will be successful. From the above discussions, I firmly believe that intelligence is the most important

Contributions of artists vs. scientists

            Science and art are two main streams of knowledge accumulated from ancient times by human beings. They have their own characteristics and provide to the society their contributions, which benefit the world in which we live. Some people think that the contributions of scientists are higher than the artists. Before I give my opinion, I want to see the two sides first. Science is defined mostly as the knowledge related to the natural world. I think most of its domains are involved in the material things, such as food, housing, clothing, transport, etc. It is usually easy for people to feel the existence and progress of science, because it is usually taking place around us and becoming more manifest. In past, science has leaded us to make great advance in our life, and I believe in future, it will continue to improve the world we live now.

Art is more related to our spiritual world. It has long history, too. It has nearly developed coincided with the science. Art help us to know clear about ourselves and it can help us get rid of negative mood, which may restrain our work effectiveness. Many people admit that art can nourish their mind and make their spiritual outlook better. In this respect, art is a good complement to science.

Through above statements, I can hardly tell which one is more valued in terms of the contribution to the society. Because they are both imperative for us to build the world. The history of human has prove this. So I do not think it is wise and safe to say that one of them is more important than the other one. As far as I am concerned, I think they both weigh heavily with regard to the contributions to the society.

Living in university housing vs. living in the community

            Students at universities often have a choice of places to live. They may choose to live in university dormitories, or they may choose to live in apartments in the community. In my opinion, it is a better idea to live in university housing. I think there are more advantages.

First of all, I think it is more convenient to live in campus. You need not worry about the traffic every day. Especially if your university campus is located in downtown, you should think about the traffic jam when you go to your classroom. And it still costs you a lot of time on the road. On the contrary you can utilize it to improve you grade. Living in campus still can increase your opportunities to participate many activities held in campus. You will have more spare time to take it and it is very convenient for those students living in campus.

Another benefit is more safe to live in campus. Traffic accidences occurs everywhere and every day. If you spend two hours every day on the road, you should be very careful when driving. That is a dangerous work.
Finally, I still think it`s helpful for me to improve my verbal English skill. If you live in campus, you have many opportunities to make more friends in cafeterias, in dormitories, and in playgrounds. When you contact with each other, you should listen and speak. It will improve your verbal English quickly. On the contrary, if you live in an apartment in the community, maybe you even do not know your neighbors because most people living in apartment have their family. After hard work, they spend their spare time with their family.
To conclude, it is a valuable experience to live in campus. It can help you live an easy, safe and wonderful life.

The best way of learning about life

            Some people believe that the best way of learning life is by listening to the advice from family members and friends. Other people hold a different view that the best way of learning about life is from ones` personal experience. In my view, I agree the latter view based on my years of observation. The main reasons are listed as below.

First, the advice from family members and friends always rely on the situation happened in the past. Things are changed and the presuming past events cannot ensure that it could occur in the current new situation. To illustrate this matter, there is an example that my parents persuaded me to stay in the physiology institute and not change my job to a pharmaceutical company. They claim that the job in institute is stable and promising, they reason that they worked in the same institute until they retired. From their experience, the work was very good in their times. However, I did not take their advice since I find there are lots of chances outside the institute.

Second, why I have such a view is that we have to make our own decisions in many occasions in our lives. The other people`s advice can only be used for reference. As people are different in many aspects, even they are your close friends or parents, they are not yourself and they cannot make decisions instead of you. For instance, your friend is good at mathematics and can get good scores after only one-day preparation before the exam. However, you cannot follow her study method since you are not expertise in this subject, therefore, you should spend more time on your preparation to get the same score.

Admittedly, the advice from the close friend and family members do help us in some occasions and give us many valuable references. It is less useful than the advice directly from the life. Based on the above-mentioned reasons, I shall say that I find the best way of learning life is from personal experience.

Alone vs. with friends

            If asked if one prefers to spend his time alone or with other people, in reality, for most of people it is impossible to give an answer as black or white, because one needs the both though the way of how to balance between the two should be different depending on individual. However, I would say that recently I put more preference to spending my time alone than to spend with friends for the following reasons.

 First, these days I am more interested in improving myself as professional than sharing funs with my friends, and so I like spending my free time reading and studying alone. I would like to take advantage of being single because I know that after the marriage, especially after giving a birth to a baby, it is very difficult for a woman to find time to study for her own.

 Secondly, now I do not have many friends with whom I can go out in my free time. When I was younger, I used to like going out with my friends and also I had more friends to study together. But now most of my friends are busy with their family matters or work and so they are also not interested in having funs with friends nor have time to study together. Now my communication with them is mostly by emails and telephone, instead of sharing our free time together.

Thirdly, I have very good relationship established with my coworkers at work, which certainly satisfies my emotional necessity of sharing things and feelings with somebody. We eat lunch together every day, joking and talking about our personal issues. Therefore I do not feel lonely even when I do not have any invitation and spend the weekend at home alone.

 In conclusion, thus, my preference about how I spend my free time has changed very much since when I was younger and for me now the time I spend alone is more important to improve my ability.

How should children spend their time?

            In our rapidly changing world people begin to understand more and more that nothing is so valuable but knowledge. Education has become an important part of people`s life and due to this some people think that children should begin their formal education at a very early age and should spend most of their time on school studies. But others believe that young children should spend most of their time playing. To my mind these two views should be balanced so not to go to the extremes. Here are my arguments for this view:
According to the first point of view that children should start early their studies brought me to the conclusion that it can be harmful and damaging for a child`s inner world and personality. Here is my example : As I am a teacher I see the result of beginning early education. Children who start early are deprived and robbed of their childhood and their intrinsic right to play. In this way they keep playing at school and the process of learning stops immediately. Besides, the child that is not allowed to play and has to study can begin hate education process and teaches. So it can spoil the whole picture.
When facing a question of early education it is also important to note that children who begin to study at an early age are often overloaded by studying material and homework and they are not ready to cope with this. Besides some parents neglect their children and do not pay attention to the child`s problems at school so here is the immediate result of hating school.
The second opinion that children should pay more attention to playing than studying at an early age is also for some extent faulty because the child is not prepared for school at all and has no idea what he is going to do at school and in this way he cannot be able to manage the school education program.
In conclusion I would like to point out that by all these illustrations I keep to the idea that education should be balanced appropriately so that not to deprive a child of the childhood that can be only once in life. And it is quite essential to manage to see whether the child is ready to go to school and cope with such challenges or this should wait a bit for him to have the pleasure of the play.

What is the most important influence on young adults?

            I would generally agree with the statement that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Certainly, I cannot ignore the influence that family has on young people because the parents determine their children`s` further behavior.

 In my opinion, the most important influence on children is that family has. But when kids leave their usual circle of influence such as family because they become students they enter a new circle of influence of their schoolmates. In turn, their schoolmates become the most important influence on young adults until high school or college.
 When children become teenagers or young adults friends are those who have not only the most important but also the strongest influence on them. There are several reasons for that. First, many teenagers leave home to study at a distant high school or college. They have already broken connections with their families and friends become the closest people around them. Second, the most frequent social contacts young adults have are with their friends which are usually at the same age. Therefore, teenagers share same interests with their friends; they have same problems and what is more they depend on each other for help or advice.
In addition, it is crucially important for an young adult to be a part of the youth culture. In order to be accepted in the society teenagers have to follow the same behavior models typical of their friends.

All of above mentioned forms my opinion that friends are the most important influence on young peoples` further behavior. While some people think that the family is the most substantial factor for development of young adults I believe that friends have the most powerful effect on young peoples` attitude to the other members of the society and to the world as a whole. And sometimes that influence may last forever.

Making plans for free time or not

            In today`s life, it is undeniable that our lives are always busy. As a result, when having free time, one must consider how to spend his/her time wisely. Some people prefer planning the activities before their free time comes while others do not. For me, planning ahead is my preferred choice since I would like to spend my free time as hassle-free and economically as possible.

Spontaneity can be fun for almost everyone including me. Indeed, not planning for my leisure time can give me thrills. A good example of this is that when I decide to go to a new restaurant, I will enjoy the fact that I can explore new menus and learn about the new place. Moreover, after a day of hard-working, one rarely looks forward to spending their time preparing for their entertainment.
 However, there is a saying that well prepared is half-way done? This means that well preparation for my leisure time would give me less work when I am taking my days off. For example, if I make a reservation for a hotel for my vacation in advance, I will not have to worry about having to find a hotel when I am actually on my vacation. Moreover, with advanced preparation, I will be reassured that my plan would run as smoothly as possible. Unsurprisingly, planning ahead also enables me to plan my vacation within the expected budget.

To sum up, although not planning ahead gives me thrills and do not require me to put more work on preparing, the benefits of planning ahead outweighs the benefits mentioned preceding. Because of this, I opt for having my leisure time planned in advance.

Methods of learning

            Living in this developing world, people should keep learning. Some people learn by doing all the things themselves, others like to learn by listening to other people talk about things. In terms of my experience and perception, I am convinced that reading about things from books, magazines or newspapers is the best way to learn. The detailed reasons why I think so go as follow.

The most important reason for my view is that the knowledge in the books is always systemically organized. I believed that all the books are well organized in a systematical way in which people who want to learn can easily understand. Moreover, before the books are published, they must have been carefully corrected by some professional people. Thus, books can provide the knowledge not only systematically, but also correctly. Given this, I strongly recommend that people should learn by reading about things.
Another reason why I choose reading to learn is that books, magazines or newspapers are all publications, which are formal and scientific. With innumerous researches and experiments by lots of experts can a book be made out. As far as I am convinced, the knowledge from a book is believable than something just told by somebody. Naturally, reading books is the desirable choice to learn.
Last but not the least, learning by reading enable an individual to save a lot of money. On the one hand, you can find almost all kinds of books or references in the libraries of your city, and you can read all of them if you want, and the most important thing is that that is for free! On the other hand, compared with learning by doing all the things by oneself, the cost of a book is much cheaper. Thinking about traveling around the world, the air plane tickets, the bills for hotels and other fee, a book which can tell you all the interesting places of the world is much more practical. Obviously, reading about something is superior to other ways to learn.

 In conclusion, learning by reading about things is beneficial and practical. Based on the three reasons I presented above, I really think reading is the best way to learn.

Different friends or similar friends?
            Everyone has his or her friends. All of us have friends of different kinds. Some are similar to us, while others are quite different. When asking which kind I like, I will choose the latter one.

Let us see the advantages of both kinds first. Friends who are similar to us can fully understand us. They may think the way as we do. Suppose your boss blamed you, but you did not think it was your fault. A similar friend may advise you to explain the fact to your boss while a different one is likely to suggest that you just pass it by. Which one is more acceptable? To me, one who always sticks to facts, explaining it is the only way I can get released.
Every coin has two sides, as saying goes. There are many good aspects of different friends which cannot be surpassed. Friends of different kinks challenge you and they can make your life full of adventures. They can broaden your mind. I have a friend who works as a tour guide. He has traveled to many places in the world. After each trip, he will talk to me and give me much information about the culture and lives of the people who live there. To me, a student who has not enough money or time to travel in myself, such information is valuable.
In addition, when I need a second opinion, I will turn to different friends. They may think of different aspects of the problem while a similar friend can only consider it as I myself do.

 In summary, my propensity is for different friends. I am a shy person who cannot come across many things in my life, so I need friends who are different from me. Tomorrow is another day, said in the novel Gone With the Wind. I want my tomorrow to be different from today, and my life more colorful.

Experiences of life

            Habits of people gradually changes with the change of time. But some people adopt to remain the same and they do not change or experience some new habits in their lives while others look forward for some new changes in their life styles and would want to experience new approaches towards life. I would prefer to have new experiences in life because it will not only bring change in my lifestyle, but also in my attitude toward other peoples in society, working experience with each other, about new environment around me. When looking toward new approach of life mostly, it changes the attitude of people with their society. Should I look forward to new experiences I would have to stay in touch with people most of the times. As time passes by, world changes a lot and so it brings many changes in the lives of the people and thus forming new experiences among them. In the same way, when I enjoy some changes in life it will bring new attitudes in me with other people, I can share same feelings with the modern world and I can also learn different habits of the people of different environment. Whereas when one remains the same and does not change his habits, it often leads to something odd with other peoples'. People at times look down upon such habits and consider it as old fashion or may sometimes consider it as boring. New approach toward life could also create communication among different people of different environment. Through new experiences one not only learns how to work with other people' but also creates understanding among them. On the contrary, same attitudes toward people sometimes disunite them because of lack of mutual trust and good understanding and also they just forcibly move on with their lives with their community. Change in life could bring me to a new world and new environment around me. I can have experiences of people of different cultures, societies, races, etc. This could bring a lot of information on how to live with them and what changes they want from us. On the other hand, usual habits could not gain such advantages, and often people feel them as isolated from society or they do not like to share their feelings with the people among them. This attitude could also cause embarrassment in one's natural habit and he may become more rude when dealing with other peoples. In conclusion, after giving advantages of new experiences in life, I would definitely choose to adopt new experiences in life because this will help me move on with my life with today's society and I can reach the goal only bringing some changes in life. One must always change his attitude with the change in time or else many obstacles one might face with usual habits.

The Style of Your Life
            The styles or lives of most people can be summarized to two categories. The first, change, and the second, stable. Generally, the young people like the first style, while the old people like the second. Of course, not only your age decide the style of your life, but also do your character. The ones who are energetic would choose the first life style more, and the ones who are conservative would choose the second. If you like the first life style, you can experience more, make more different friends, and accept more influence of the world, but, of course, you might live more hard. On the other hand, if you like the second life style, you can live with more ease, but consequently, you might lose much experience, much knowledge about the world, and many chances to be successful. As far as I am concerned, I belong to the first kind of people. Since I was eighteen years old, I have lived in four different cities. All those cities share different culture, temperature, levels of development, and opportunities. I am enjoy my migration because I have learnt more than many people through the change of my life. Generally, the people who live in each of those four cities do not know deeply about the other cities, however, I am fortunate enough to have the knowledge that many people do not have. Actually, I can introduce cities to the people who have never been there, so I can strengthen the combination between different people. For the same reason, I am looking forward to live in another city now, to improve my knowledge and let more people know about my homeland. Many literatures compare lives to rivers, I fully agree with this metaphor. When a river is still, it is winter, and when a river is begins to flow, it is spring. Likewise, when a life begins to change, it would be the spring of the life.

Are quick decisions always wrong?

            Some people argue as if it is a general truth that to make a wrong decision is better than to make no decision at all. But to be frank, I cannot agree with them. In my point of view, it is sagacious to spend more time on preparing to decide rather than hurry to make a wrong decision. There are numerous reasons why I hold no confidence on them, and I would explore only a few primary ones here.

 The main problem with this argument is that it is ignorant of the basic fact that a bad decision will influence the subsequence steps, and produce an unsuccessful result even a failure. There is a famous saying; a good beginning is a half of succeeds. This proverb explains the important of decision of the beginning, while something say a deleterious effect of a wrong decision. For example, when a graduate is confronted with the choice the job after leave the campus, the first decision is every important for the future work and live. An inapposite choice could bring him or she successive problem, even mistaken the direction.
Another reason why I disagree with the above statement is that I believe that not hurry to decide let people have more time to prepare and maybe they find an appropriate approach. Since careful plan and deliberate arrangement will become the precondition of succeed, then spend more time on preparing is necessary. In the instance above, the graduate should think over all sorts of the factors, such as the qualification of himself or herself, the condition of the job and the advisement from consulter of the college and parents.
The argument I support in the first paragraph is also in a position of advantage because careful arrangement will discovery the errors and mistakes in the decision. And that will have the chance to correct them, in order to make a right decision. The errors or mistakes could exist in everyone`s thought. I think the best way to eliminate them is think them over. So it is sagacious to spend more time on preparing to decide rather than hurry to make a wrong decision.

General speaking, the deliberate consider can help to avoid the appearance of trouble effectively and to resolve problems successfully. Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that it is wiser to make no decision at all than to make a wrong decision.

Are first impressions trustworthy?

            It is said that the first impression is the best impression. But this is not always true. A person cannot be judged in an instant. First impressions can be misleading. However in some instances we have to base our opinion on the first impression.

We are very much influenced by the first impression of a person. Often it leaves a lasting impression on our minds. This is especially true of interviews. The interviewer is influenced by the attitude, appearance etc of the candidate. Within a short span of one hour the candidate`s fate is determined. In other words if he manages to give a good impression he gets the job. But can a person`s character be judged accurately so swiftly. It is very easy to give a wrong impression. During a social gathering if a well-dressed man were to arrive, he would be escorted to a seat because from his appearance, people have got the impression that he is an eminent person of the society. But an ill clad man would be ignored. Perhaps it is the latter who is the better of the two. Perhaps his honesty earned him only poverty.

Appearances are often deceptive. Many things in life which appear beautiful on the surface may be rotten inside. Drugs and alcohol are the classical examples. Just like a red and rosy apple that appears mouth watering but turns out to be rotten inside, drugs provide only momentary pleasure and ruin us in the end. As a poet once said; I have seen kindness done by men with ugly faces And flowers in stony places things are not as they appear. I remember an acquaintance of mine. She had the reputation of being very short tempered and selfish. But when I was in need she was the only one who turned up to help me. It was only when I came to know her better that I realized what a wonderful person she was.
 So I would like to conclude by saying that all that glitters is not gold. The ugly stone when well polished may turn out to be a diamond. So we must not mistake the diamond for a stone and throw it away. Especially while looking for a friend, we must not count on first impressions alone.

should one be satisfied or not ?

            Should people be satisfied with what they have or should they always want something more or different? It is difficult to determine which point of view is better, because of the different comprehension of life. However, although it seems to be a little ambitious, I believe that most people are not satisfied with the present but to pursue a better and varied life.

The most significant reason to support my statement is that nowadays our society are full of competition, if we are satisfied with ourselves and do not want any developments, we will soon be thrown out of the tide of the society, just as the old saying says that not to improve means to degrade. Since the industrial revolution broke out at 1800's, our world has changed more and more rapidly. Everyday we can find something new and better. Therefore, in order to keep ourselves up to the pace of the world or even lead the development in some special fields, we have no choice but to constantly renew our knowledge and views to create something newer and better.
In addition to the pressure of survival, it may also be noted that not to be satisfied forever is the main motivation to stimulate people to earn a better life. Only when one has some definite goals in his mind will he be active and energetic to his life. We all have the similar experience that it is the most significant time when we bring one of our dreams to reality and gain some achievements. At that time, our pleasure is beyond the description. So we can say that only when we always want something more or something different will we have new aims and enjoy the rejoicing of succeed.

 To sum up, in order to adjust ourselves to the changeable world and make a better life, we will never satisfied with what we have but to pursure more and different things. Remember, to develop ourselves constantly and renew our goals in different life stages is the most important thing for us to enjoy our life.

Social science vs. natural science
            For students Studying science and mathematics are as important as history and literature. All the subjects are equally important for their all-round development. At high school level all the students study both art and science subjects, after going to higher studies they choose their interested subjects. I think studying science and mathematics are as important as studying art and literature.

History helps a student to know about the past events of his country and the world. History tells him about the bygone era`s culture, way of living and traditions. Literature is the beautiful description of our historical events and stories in the form prose and poetry. Knowing and appreciation of the history is important, but it is not enough to live.
Science and mathematics play an important role in our lives. We cannot imagine our lives with out them. Our day today life stops with out them. Nowadays science and mathematics are very developed. We are cherishing the fruits of them. We were invented electricity, transportation, medicine, new technology and so many advanced instruments. They are all made our lives very simple and sophisticated. We need some simple mathematics to organize our everyday things. We entered into the space technology time. There is no question about the importance of science and mathematics. With out them we will be in the dark.

It is clear that studying science is as important as art. One cannot live only by studying art. History helps to learn from the past but science helps us to live in the present. There is no progress in our lives with out science. Today`s life is tomorrow`s history. So it is very important to live today`s life than studying yesterday`s life. So with this I am concluding my essay by saying that studying science and mathematics are as important as history and literature.

Should art and music be compulsory subjects in secondary schools?

            In my opinion, Secondary school has the purpose of introducing young people to a broad variety of courses. Therefore, I also believe art and music should be part of the selection of courses. If all students should be required to study these courses is more of a debatable question. Nevertheless, with the statement put forward, I would recommend that every student should get a minimum of insight into both the world of art and music. I will support my position with some further arguments.

 First of all, youngsters attending Secondary school are in a stage of life where they are supposed to make up their minds about what to become in life. As we all probably have experienced, this is a tuff choice to make, and school should be a place for advice and guidance in this process. Often when people try out something new, they are positively surprised over how much they enjoyed something they would not have had interest in from before of. By giving students a glance into areas of art and music, the kids are given an opportunity to explore different sides of them selves. Together with all the other courses represented, art and music can contribute to students` choice of career in the future.
Second, art and music have been important parts of human life since the early beginning. I think it is important for students to aware of this and be able to pass on traditions from one generation to the next. Furthermore, courses like art and music help develop the creative side of the human brain, a vital quality in many areas of life, and especially in many situations as an employee in different sectors.
 Some people are in the opinion that creative course represents a waste of time and resources. These people are the supporters of science and search for facts rather than discussable alternatives. As mentioned before, I strongly recommend that young people attending Secondary school get an introduction to all courses on an equal level. However, I believe they should be allowed to make their own decisions on which courses they wish to study in depth, and which they want to finish off at an early level. In conclusion I definitely agree with the statement up for discussion in this essay.

Is there anything that young people can teach older people?

            Old people, of course, always have something to teach young people because they experienced more than the young. However, in my opinion, young people also have something that they can teach the older in some ways because of their diligence, their living condition and the fast changing world. People do not know more than others because they are older.

First, young people may know more because of their diligence. For example, the Nobel Prize winners are not always the oldest persons. They get the acceptance of the public because of their hard work. Their study results are learned by many people including those whose ages are older than the Noble Prize winners. In this sense, young people can teach the older ones.
Secondly, the living condition may be another reason that young people may have something to teach older people. For example, some young people have lived in a farm since they were born and did farm work everyday. Some other older people have never been to a farm. Therefore these young people can probably give the older people a class about the farm work.
Lastly, in this society, technologies are developing so fast that young people probably learn some new knowledge that the older people have not learned. For example, the computer software is developing so fast that no one can learn all about it. Some young people may be good at those kinds of software that older people are not familiar with. So these young people may teach the software that they mastered to the older people.
General speaking, young people also have something that they can teach the older ones in many cases. The reason may be the diligence, the living circumstance of the young people and the fast changed society.

Should young children spend much time on sports?

            Practicing sports is definitely good for health, and I guess nobody can deny that; however, how much time we should spend on doing it is what the topic concerns. Everything has a limit, and once you have passed that limit, even the good can turn to the bad. What I am trying to present here is that practicing sports is good to a certain extent, but it does not mean all to a person`s life. Therefore, in my point of view, that some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports has more disadvantages than advantages. Exceptions are made to those young professional players because sports are their career and in some sense are what they live for. Although I think my avocation applies to most people, it is unfair to take a glance on both sides of the story.
 People support the idea that young children should spend a great amount of their time practicing sports point out that because children do not have many responsibilities, they should have their joyful childhoods by playing a lot. This may sound all right, but not quite. As the most important period of a person`s life, the childhood of a person can determine how this person`s latter life will be; so, it should not be filled only with playing sports, but with learning knowledge as well. Thus, if a child spend too much time on doing sports, he or she will eventually get more relaxed and become sick of study.
There is an advantage for my adverse side, which is, as I said at the beginning, doing sports can improve body strength, and specially good for children. However, this can also be a hidden trouble for children who practice a lot. The reason is that sports often bring harms to people`s bodies, and if the person is at his or her early age, it is even worse. For instance, some people have lost their arms or legs because of sports when they were young, and have to live and bear with it for the rest of their lives. I know that some people may contradict this opinion by saying that you can get hurt anyway without practicing sports. I do not disagree with the statement, but if you think it more carefully, you will notice that spending a greater amount of time doing sports will surely increase the percentage of getting injured.
By understanding all the above, we can finally draw the conclusion that some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports has more negative effects than positive ones. Again, I did not against the idea of doing sports, but the appropriate amount is what I am concerning here.

Money and success
            These days, people who earning more money are often be regarded as successful. Admittedly, earning lot of money can be somehow considered as a sign of achieving goal. After all, richer persons are the minority in today`s society who are in possess of remarkable abilities. But the argument that whether a person is successful or not by only to see how much money he or she earning is not of my view.

Every person have different goal. Likewise, people have their own interpretation of successful, it is common phenomenon that a great many professions and scientist who get high achievement, some even get the Nobel prize are still live a simple and plain life. Who can say that they are not successful persons. It is well known that businessman is usual earning more money than other career people. For many soldier, teacher and other society service, they contribute a lot for the society and get lots of respect. Of course, they should be regard as successful as what standard, although they receive not high salary and cannot be deem the richer people.

Judging an individual only by the amount of money they earn will lead to a trend of material pursuit. It brings negative effect for the development of society. If all people look only for money and enjoyment, they will lose the idealism and in last will lost the happy of life. Many people with lots of money live an unhappy life, because they become selfish, greed and unreasonable in pursuit for money. They lost friend, lost family, lost health and any nice thing in live. We usually call such people is one who is the poorest only with money left.
So, I think it is a tragedy for a person who only seeks much more money on his or her daily life. Also it is risk to judge people by the money they earn among consciousness in society.

Are childhood years most important in one`s life?

            Every person possesses his own childhood, which leaves the deepest impression in his mind, either happy or sad. Therefore, I think a person`s childhood years are the most important years of a person`s life.

Firstly, a person`s character is mainly developed in his childhood. Living in a harmonious family and encouraged to show what he wants, this kind of person is prone to an open minded adult while those who are strictly restrained often keep silent when they grow up. It is a common saying in China that a person`s character in his adulthood can be seen even when he is three or five years old. Deng Yaping, the famous table tennis player, once showed her thanks to her parents and said, ?It is the happy childhood given by my parents which makes me confident. ?

Secondly, a person`s potential IQ comes into being when he is very young. It is reported that those who are enlightened in childhood are much more clever. Maybe that is the reason why so many will-be mothers give music to their babies yet to be born.

What is more, whether a person is healthy or not also has an important relation to his childhood. Therefore, quite a number of diseases should be treated as early as possible. Meanwhile, during the process of growing up, a large amount of nourishes should be given to the children to make them keep fit. Like the foundation of a building, childhood is the first stage in one`s life and thus is of great importance and needs to be appreciated carefully.

Should children be required with household tasks?
            There are two different attitudes towards whether children should help their parents with some household tasks. Some people think children should spend most of their time studying and therefore they should not be required to help with housework. I do not agree with them. I think children should do some household chores as soon as they are able to do so. Through doing these tasks, they will learn their duty, prepare them for the future and lessen their parents` burden.

To begin with, children should learn to be duty-conscious. In a family every member has hid or her duty. Children are no exceptions though they are young. By doing some housework, they will learn it`s every one`s business to maintain a family. And what really matters is that they will understand you must fulfill your responsibility when you own your rights. It`s very important for their future. When they grow up, they will become qualified citizens who know their responsibilities in the society. Without duty consciousness, they would become lazy boys and girls in their family and society`s parasites in the future.
My second point is that when today`s sons and daughters grow up to adults, they will become parents themselves. After all, they have to balance their works and household tasks. However if they have learnt how to wash the dishes, how to clean rooms and how to make the beds when they are young, things will be easier. In this sense, they are preparing for their own future by doing some household chores.
On the other hand, parents will appreciate the work done by their children and be very happy. After a busy day, anyone will feel tired and sometimes depressed. Their beloved son cleaning the rooms will give them a better mood and distract them for their troubled work. If they have to do all the housework after eight hours of heavy work, they would probably regard family as another burden.
In a word, both the children and the parents will benefit a lot. However, whether children do so depends mainly in the parents. Children will be children. They need the guide and instructions. Parents should teach their children to do things independently instead of doing for them as if they were pets.















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