Dear Friends, we have one life let us make our one life more meaningful by donating eyes. Eye donation is the mother of all donations. Eye donation directly gives vision to another human being. It is not only gives vision to one individual but also to the entire family of that individual. A person who wishes to donate his eyes after his death has to go to an eye hospital and need to register his name with the hospital.
                                   The information about the person who agreed to donate eyes and died is to be given to the respective hospital as early as possible. So, that his eyes can be removed and saved within six hours. We can see the world even after the death of ourselves by the way of donating eyes.
                                     So, friends let us put our hands together and make a promise to donate eyes after our death. 


Eye Never Die, Donate Eye

Let Eye Donation be your family tradition. 

Give an eye! don’t be shy!

Eye Donation - a gift of beauty, a return for Eternity. 

Seeing is believing, please donate!

So they can see the light, donate your sight

After you die, donate your eye

One Eye Donation can make two blind people see. Let’s make Eye Donation a family tradition.

Don’t just leave a will, leave a vision.

Even after you’re gone, your eyes can keeping seeing

I’ll keep an eye out for you

Eye donation makes a difference. Just Watch.
Be a part of the breakthrough and make someone’s dream come true.

Make someone’s future bright, donate your sight

"See through my Eyes"

Let Someone See The Beauty Through Your Eyes

Many reasons why, to donate your eye

Give The Gift Of Sight And See A Whole New Light

Leave a vision behind.

Eye need your help!

Spreading `light' in world of darkness Donate eyes and gift sight.


Eye Donation makes your eyes immortal.

Eyes are a precious gift to mankind. A wise man utilizes the gift while alive, and after death too …

LIGHT up a life, donate your EYES.

Make your eyes alive after death.

Let your eyes change someone’s life, Let’s donate eyes