OMTEX CLASSES: What do you mean by computer hardware and software?

What do you mean by computer hardware and software?

Ans: A computer system has two components “hardware” and “software”, they both depend on each other.

(1)HARDWARE: All the physical components which make up a computer system and which we can see and touch are called hardware

Hardware consists of:

(a)Central processing unit(cpu);The CPU processes the data according to a program or commands given to it and outputs the result.

Functions of CPU

1. Address all the peripheral and memory devices
2. Fetch data and instructions
3. Decode and execute the instructions
4. Do arithmetic and logical operation of data

(b)Peripheral devices are used for input and output and communication, common input devices are keyboard, mouse, microphone and web camera, while monitor and printer are common output devices. Modem helps computer users to communicate via telephone lines.

(c).Memory devices such as hard disk,CD/DvD and pen drives store the raw and processed data, as well as the softwares,and allows their retrieval whenever required

(2).software: It is the set of instructions needed by a computer for its functioning as well as accomplishing an assigned task. it is important one since hardware cannot work without software.
Software is 2 types

(a) System software; when computer is switched on it runs transparently to control all interactions between the user, hardware and application drivers, user interface, windowing systems, utility programs

(b).An application software: The software which is designed to perform specific tasks eg.application software are available for financial accounting, inventory management, web browsing etc.