Q.  Distinguish between.
A} Sole trading concern / Partnership firm / Joint Hindu family business / Joint stock company /
Co-operative society.
B} Road / Rail / Water / air transport.
C} Saving / current / Recurring /fixed deposit account.
D} Planning /organizing / controlling / co -coordinating / staffing / directing.

Q. Short notes .
A} Principles of management.
B}  E- business s.
C} Steps involved in online transaction policy.
D} Outsourcing.
E} Types of life insurance policy.
F}  Advantage and disadvantage of modes of transports. [ air ,water , road ,rail.]
G} Types of banks.
H} Importance of planning /organizing /staffing.
I} Techniques of scientific management.
J} Social responsibilities to words consumer / government /shareholder / society / employees

Q. Attempt the following.

A} Rights of consumer.
B} Importance of planning /organizing /staffing.
C} Types of banks.
D} Types of warehouse / functions.
E} Advantage and disadvantage of e -business.
F} Types of partners.
G} Functions of warehousing.
H} National commission. I} Features of sole trading concern / partnership firm / joint hindu family Business / joint stock company / co-operative society
I} Functions of entrepreneur.
J} State any five social responsibilities.
K} Online transactions.

Q. Brief Answers
A) Define sole trading concern and explain its merits and demerits / partnership firm / joint stock

Company / Joint Hindu family business / co-operative society.