OMTEX CLASSES: Read the given information and fill the table provided:

Read the given information and fill the table provided:

Acclaimed in Indian classics as the Kalpavriksha, the all giving tree the coconut palm grows in several states in India. The coconut palm is member of the plant family Arecaceae popularly known as palm family. It flourishes on sandy soils requiring high humidity abundant sunlight and high rainfall for optimal growth. All parts of the palm are used in some way or another in the daily life of the people. Coconut water provides a refreshing and nutritious drink. The firm kernel that line the inside is high in calories and the white milk extracted from it is used in many different ways. Oil extracted from dried mature coconuts is used as cooking oil. The leaves are braided to make thatched roof and mats. The mid ribs of the leaves are dried and tied together to make brooms. The coconut shell and husk are good sources of efficient fuel. During religious ceremonies married women are often presented with a coconut along with a few grains of rice as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Name :
Scientific name :
Place where grown :
Climate required :
Uses :
(a) Liquid
(b) Kernel
(c) Leaves
(d) Shell
Symbolises :

Coconut Palm
Scientific name
Place where grown
Sandy soils
Climate required
High humidity, abundant sunlight, high rainfall

(a) Liquid
Refreshing and nutritious drink
White milk has many uses, Oil is extracted from dried kernel
Used for make thatched roofs and mats
Source of efficient fuel
Fertility and prosperity