What are the most common English grammatical errors made by people from India?

May instead of can.
Whenever asking for permission use may instead of can.
Incorrect: can i go to the toilet?
Correct: may i go to the toilet?
This picture will further exemplify why can is not used.

Wrong: The data is incorrect/erroneous
Right   : The data are incorrect/erroneous

Data is the plural form of datum.

Incorrect: She is older than me.
Correct: She is older than I.

Incorrect: Hello. This is me, David.
Correct: Hello. This is I, David.

Incorrect: Me and my friends are going to the circus.
Correct: My friends and I are going to the circus.

Let's vs Lets

Let's is the contraction of let us.
*Let's go grammar lovers.
*Let's eat one by one.
Where as,
Lets means to allow or permit.
*She lets her dog out everyday.
*His father lets him play in the evening hours.

Whom vs Who

Always frame a question out of the sentence. If the answer to the question ishe then use who and if the answer is him use whom.
Let's take some examples-

I bought a wallet as a birthday present for my brother.

How would you ask?
(Incorrect) Who are you gifting this wallet?
(Correct) Whom are you gifting this wallet?
Because I'll be giving it to him and not he.

Wrong: He is smarter than me.

Right: He is smarter than I.


Wrong: I have more grapes than him.

Right: I have more grapes than he.


The comparison is actually a contraction of -

'He is smarter than I am.'


'I have more grapes than he has.'