What is the role of People Union for civil liberties and peoples union for democratic rights?

The major New Delhi based NGOs namely, The Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and ... together started and joint work as a single organization to highlight human rights isolation and to see their redressal. The 2 perspective however came into open clash in the process of collective efforts.

1. The champions of democratic rights were ready and willing to proceed further and beyond the constitutional rights and arrested that the starved deprived and exploited have an inherent right to organize themselves and to revolt for a total transformation of the socio-economic political system

2. The Civil Liberties Activists on the other hand shared the perspective and arrested that weak democracy requires to be strengthened by preservation and protection of civil liberties, guaranteed under the constitution of India

In the ultimate analysis, the position, status and role of human rights movements depend upon
1. The nature of the state
2. The degree of social protest to human rights violations.

3. The sensitivity, knowledge and awareness of Human Rights philosophy and practices among the vast masses of people in general and the middle class people in particular from time to time.