G 20 Summit: G20 meeting (2014) of Finance ministers and central bank governors held in Sydney (Australia).

G20 Leaders Summit (2014) will be held in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia, in November 2014.

NATO SummitNATO Summit 2014 will be held in Britain. (Britain last hosted the summit in 1990, when Margret Thatcher was Prime Minister).

G 8 Summit: 39th Summit 2013: United Kingdom. (Northern Ireland)


The 40th G8 summit was due to be held in Russia in 2014. The meeting was planned for 4–5 June 2014 at the Black Sea resort of Sochi. However, the other seven countries decided on 24 March that a summit would be held without Russia, in Brussels, Belgium.

G7 countries refuse to attend planned G8 summit in Russia.

G8 Countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Britain and the US

SAARC Summit:

3rd SAARC ministerial meet on poverty alleviation 2013 – Kathmandu (Nepal)

18th SAARC Summit 2013 Kathmandu (proposed)

Nuclear security summit

2nd Summit 2012 – Seoul (South Korea),

3rd Summit 2014(Next) : Netherland

4th Summit 2016: United States


3rd BIMSTEC summit 2014: Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar)

4th BIMSTEC summit will be held in Nepal.

Note: BIMSTEC (Bay of Bangal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation)

BIMSTEC includes 7 countries: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal and aims to create cooperation in multiple sectors including trade, investment and energy.

NAM Summit:

16th Summit 2013: Tehran, Iran

17th Summit2015 Caracas (Venezuela)

Note: Two nations, namely Azerbaijan Republic and Fiji, were accepted as the new members of the organization.

New Member

1. United Nation – South Sudan new member country . Total– 193 members

2. WTO –Tajikistan new member country. Total – 159 members.

3. World Bank & IMF – South Sudan new member country. Total– 188 members

4. European Union – Croatia new member country. Total– 28

1. World Economic Forum 2014: held in Abuja (Nigeria)

Bharti Enterprises founder and Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal co – chair this year’s edition of the World Economic Forum on Africa.

2. India, Sri Lanka and Maldives held National Security Advisorlevel meeting on maritime security cooperation in New Delhi.

3. World Telecommunications Development Conference held in Dubai.

4. The Green Economy Summit held in Dubai.

5. Arab Summit 2014: Kuwait host the Arab summit for the first time

6. International Petroleum Conference 2014 (PETROTECH2014) held in New Delhi from 12th – 15th January 2014.

7. The 9th WTO Ministerial Conference was concluded on 6 December 2013 at Bali, Indonesia.

8. 12th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2014 held in New Delhi. This year's theme is "Engaging Diaspora: Connecting Across Generations"

Datuk Seri G Palanival is the Chief Guest of 12th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

9. The 8th Asia Gas Partnership Summit (AGPS) was held at New Delhi, India. The 8th AGPS was organized by GAIL (India) Limited and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).